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‘World’s Most Flexible Girl’ tries to combat childhood obesity.

In a new documentary, a teen regarded as the “world’s most flexible girl” will address school children’s health and obesity issues.

Liberty Barros, of age 13, has toured the world, demonstrating her incredible ability to bend and flow her body into various forms.

image credits :Raam Barros / SWNS

The Leicester teen, on the other hand, is now focusing on a cause closer to home.

The documentary will be shot in collaboration with famous chef Omar Allibhoy.

“Liberty was contacted to create this documentary about a cause she is passionate about, which is improving the health of children in schools as a way to combat obesity and health-related issues and build a vibrant society where people can express themselves and move forward in a post-Brexit, post-pandemic world,” said her father, Raam, 37.

image credits : Raam Barros / SWNS

“This initiative is being presented as a TV series in the Jamie Oliver in schools mold, with an emphasis on exercise to enhance health and incorporating movement into teaching rather than being confined in a chair or on a carpet.”

“Liberty was recorded as the most flexible person in the world, a mini-documentary in his restaurant in London that he appeared in, so they have a pre-existing relationship,” Raam said of the collaboration with the London-based Spanish chef.

“He highlighted his work as a Mayor of London ambassador and delivering nutritious meals for children, and the idea was that it complemented Liberty’s health-promoting program in schools.”

image credits : dailystar

“I am a parent of two,” said Mr. Allibhoy, proprietor of Tapas Revolution, who created low-cost meals for families amid the Covid epidemic. Working in the food industry and understanding how essential food is to children’s growth and possibilities, this is a subject near and dear to my heart.”

The documentary has been picked up by Sandspur Media, and producer-director Dave Moody says, “The project is undoubtedly an interesting one.”

image credits : Raam Barros / SWNS

“Flex is a documentary that follows the world’s most flexible person, Liberty Barros, and celebrity chef Omar Allibhoy as they work to enhance the quality of life and learning for students in a normal British school.

“Right now, we’re working on a short sampling that will serve as a proof of concept for broadcasters.

“In order to continue forward with the series’ development, we need a commission. If it is successful, it will be shown on the commissioning broadcaster’s live and on-demand platform.

“Sandspur’s creative success derives from partnering with unusual and remarkable individuals, enabling our nation’s curious comprehend the world in all its complexity,” says the company, which was founded by producers with 20 years of industry experience.

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