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World’s most awful chimp attacks as seething apes rip off individuals’ faces, hands and privates.

Humans have been injured horribly by chimp attacks, which are considered to be four times more strong than humans. Horrifying photos show what may happen when chimps attack, including assaults on pets, zoo animals have gone feral, and even random attacks in the wild.

It also comes after scientists showed for the first time that wild chimps have killed and eaten gorillas. Climate change and reduced food supplies, according to researchers, may be to blame for such tragic encounters.

CHIMPANZEES and humans share nearly 99 percent of our DNA, but there is one thing that clearly distinguishes them: pure brute power.


Charla Nash was attacked brutally by her friend's pet chimp.
Charla Nash was attacked brutally by her friend’s pet chimp.(image credits : Associated Press)
Charla Nash
On Oprah, Charla Nash disclosed the full nature of her injuries. (image credits : OPRAH)

It’s a miracle Charla Nash survived after being viciously attacked by her friend’s pet monkey.

In 2009, the 50-year-old paid a visit to her friend Sandra Herold in Stamford, Connecticut, where she had nurtured her pet chimp Travis for the majority of its life.

However, the monkey, who weighed more than 200 pounds, attacked her with ferocity.

Travis tore Charla’s hands off with his massive primate teeth before assaulting her lips, eyelids, eyes, and nose.

Charla Nash’s friend had raised the chimp, Travis, for most of his life. (image credits: Associated Press)

Charla suffered terrible face damage, but she has gone through multiple surgeries.

When emergency responders arrived, there was very little of her face left, and doctors had to reattach her jaw afterward.

Sandra stabbed her pet chimp with a kitchen knife in a frantic attempt to save her friend.

Travis approached the police car, attempted to open the door, and bared his mouthful of bloodied teeth before being shot dead by policemen.

Since then, Charla has had a number of surgeries to restore her face using pioneering medical techniques.

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St James Davis
Two young chimps attacked St James Davis.

Back in the 1970s, St James Davis and his wife LaDonna were just like any other married couple, except they had a chimp instead of a child.

In 1967, St James returned to California with the chimp Moe after a trip to South Africa, with the intention of keeping him for a few years, but he ended up living with them for the next three decades.

Authorities took Moe away from St James after he bit a police officer in 1998 and a woman the following year, and he ended up at the Animal Haven Ranch after a long custody fight.

The dedicated couple paid monthly visits to their would-be son, and they went to celebrate his 39th birthday on March 3, 2005.

Two young chimps suddenly broke loose from their cage and aggressively attacked them before being shot dead as they ate cake beneath a sunny sky.

LaDonna was lucky to only lose a thumb, but her husband was severely injured and spent six months in the hospital.

St James, then 62, attempted to defend himself and his wife from the vicious attack, but after having his nose bitten off, fingers eaten off, and right eye gouged out, he fell unconscious and was attacked for at least five minutes more.

Before his screams caught the attention of the owner’s son-in-law, who shot them dead, one of the chimps bit off his genitals and his left foot was devastated.

Dunia Sibomana

Dunia Sibomana
Dunia Sibomana, his cousin and brother were playing outside when they were attacked.
Dunia Sibomana
The chimps took off the lower half of Dunia’s face.

While most of the attacks have been carried out by captive chimps, one Congolese youngster was seriously disfigured after being attacked by wild chimps.

Dunia Sibomana was just six years old when he was attacked by a bunch of chimps while playing with his cousin and four-year-old sibling near a nature reserve in the Congo in 2014.

Dunia survived but was left with life-altering facial damage, while his two little relatives were killed.

His lips were ripped from his mouth, his cheek was ripped apart, and he was left with muscle damage that made swallowing and communicating difficult.

In 2016, the boy was flown to New York and underwent a rare reconstructive operation at a Long Island hospital two years later.


Andrew Oberle
Two chimps attacked Andrew Oberle in a South African zoo. (image credits : Oberle Institute)
Andrew Oberle
Following the attack, Oberele was left in an induced coma. (image credits : Oberle Institute)

Andrew Oberle, then an aspiring primate researcher from the University of Texas, traveled to South Africa in 2012 to conduct research for his master’s on chimpanzee tool-use behavior.

He stepped into a prohibited zone while delivering a tour at the Jane Goodall Institute Chimpanzee Eden near Johannesburg before being carried under an electric fence by two chimps.

Despite his best efforts, the pair managed to drag him 30 meters before launching a vicious attack that mauled his body from head to toe.

Andrew lost a portion of his scalp, his ears, his nose, the majority of his fingers, and a portion of each of his feet.

He also had chunks pulled out of his wrists, back, and legs, and he had to undergo six hours of surgery right away.

Andrew is currently the Oberle Institute’s director of development, a trauma care program at Saint Louis University.


Tamra Brogoitta’s daughter was mauled by one of her ranch’s pet chimps. (image credits : Facebook/Buck Brogoitti Animal Rescue INC)
Buck, a 17-year-old chimp, had been living on a ranch in Oregon when he assaulted a human. (image credits : Facebook/Buck Brogoitti Animal Rescue INC)

A chimp that had resided on a family property in Oregon for 17 years was shot and killed last month after attacking a 50-year-old human.

The 200-pound ape, named Buck, mauled owner Tamara Brogoitti’s kid, biting her legs, arms, and body.

Following the incident, Tamara and her daughter sought refuge in a basement bedroom, and when cops arrived, Buck was walking around the fence line of the house, so Brogoitta granted them permission to shoot him.

Tamara can be heard speaking to police in an audio recording acquired by KHQ-TV: “She needs an ambulance. The ambulance is unable to reach her. I’ve taken her to the basement and shut myself in with her.”

“I can’t get out to retrieve my own pistol since I’m trapped inside. She’s in a lot of pain, and she’s bleeding a lot. This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like that.”


In recent years, chimp habitat loss has triggered violent conflict between people and apes in Uganda.

Chimpanzees have raided farms, posed a threat to livelihoods, and attacked humans.

In 2019, National Geographic highlighted the issue, including an instance in which a chimp kidnapped a two-year-old boy from his mother, breaking his arm, attacking his skull, ripping his abdomen open, and removing his kidneys.

He passed away on the way to the hospital.

Attacks on children have continued since the attack in 2014, with at least three more deaths, six more injuries, and three more narrow escapes.

Nobody knows why chimps attack children, but both curiosity and predatory motives have been suggested.

One of the main causes of the problem is that many chimps have lost their native habitats due to farming in western Uganda.

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