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World’s Biggest Vagina And Other Bizarre X-rated World Records

Sex is still a spooky and awesome affair under the best of circumstances. That’s a pretty crazy trip, especially with many such hormones, feelings, and health rewards.  And, let us just face it, who doesn’t want to boast about their genital, achievements, or capacity to climax if they’re a sexual record-breaker? Below is a rundown of a few of the most X-rated world records that we’ve discovered.

1. The biggest vagina

Anna Swan (1846-1888) had the world’s largest vagina, which measured 19 inches in circumference (48cm).

That’s about the same size as a rugby ball’s circumference (24ins). Anna was a Scottish giantess who stood at 7ft 8in tall.

She also reportedly gave birth to the world’s largest baby, weighing 23 lbs and 12 oz.

2. The biggest penis

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera hit the headlines when he stated to have the world’s longest penis.
Robert who is 52 years claims that his monster is 18.9 inches long and went to weigh it on kitchen scales to “show it’s genuine.”

Roberto’s member measured 2 pounds when he probably weighed it at his home in Saltillo, Mexico, according to TMZ.

image credits : BARCROFT

3. The most number of orgasms in one hour

Researchers from the Centre for Sexual Studies in California recorded a lady experiencing 134 orgasms in one hour.

This equates to more than two orgasms every minute.

Once it comes to guys, the record just isn’t as good. In the same period of time, the guy record bearer only succeeded in making 16 ejaculations.

4. The largest orgy

Japan hosted the world’s largest orgy, including over 500 couples, involving 250 guys and 250 gals.

Every sexual encounter and posture was planned in a warehouse so that the individuals’ activities were all done at the same time.

5. The longest period of time spent masturbating.

This appears to be a bit of a thorn in the side. Masanobu Sato masturbated for 9 hours and 58 minutes at the Centre for Sex & Culture’s Masturbate-A-Thon in San Francisco.

The previous record, established in 2009, has yet to be broken.

6. The longest ejaculation

image credits : GETTY

A guy was capable of shooting a distance of 18ft 6ins (6 meters), which is longer than a double decker bus or a stretch limousine.

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