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Women Finds Fried Chicken Head In Her Wings Order

Brittani Paulhamus, a resident of South Williamsport, Pennsylvania had a frightening encounter that left her feeling shaken up at Old School Pizza after going there with a friend. Viraltrendzs is excited to share Brittani’s story with you in this article because we thought it would be really interesting.

On the post, a horrific photo of the chicken head was uploaded, with its beak still clearly visible. This was the caption that Brittani had given it.

A PSA was added to her post after her photographs went viral and were shared more than 11,000 times on Facebook. Paulhamus revealed her experience after leaving the restaurant with her meal in an interview with PA Homepage.

Paulhamus said that she had opened the container and eaten one of the wings, so she thought she’d try the other. Then she picked up the second one, which was shaped strangely. So she had questioned her friend Hannah about it.

When Paulhamus opened the container, he was astounded to see a chicken head stuck in the center. The beak was exposed once she’d flipped it around. After that, she had thrown it away while calling her fiancé’s name with the hope to get him down there.

It was also surprising to her to see how popular her social media post about the event had become. She said that she felt compelled to write about it since finding a chicken head is unusual.

Paulmahus went on to add that she was not aiming to insult anybody and that it was simply something she found funny. Furthermore, once the first shock had gone off, she was relieved to realize that the chicken wings she was eating were, in fact, from a real chicken.

The gloomy revelation was well-received by the commenters. Several people described it as frightening, but many others thought it was amusing.

One commenter wondered whether the person who placed the wings in the carryout container didn’t realize that there was a chicken head on the wing.

Others highlighted out that the chicken head she was eating was at least a part of the animal she was eating.

As one commenter pointed out, seeing the skull of the animal you’re eating does not make it seem very appealing. And had questioned as to why she was consuming it.

In addition, one person inquired as to whether she would consume the remainder of the chick’s body and if she would draw the line when it comes to his head.

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