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Woman With World’s Largest Mouth Gets Pampered At The Dentist

If you’ve ever scrolled TikTok, you may have undoubtedly seen a girl who has a smart sense of humor, sharp humor, and a massive mouth. If this is the case, you’ve almost likely met Samantha Ramsdell. As we mentioned in one of our previous articles, she now holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for the world’s largest mouth (female). This woman from Connecticut, who is 32 years old, is the kind of patient that any and all dentists would dream of having.

Samantha has shared the details of what takes on behind the scenes during her trips to the dentist. Even a red carpet was there to greet her as she walks through the door. Her dentist must surely adore her since she can open her mouth an impressive 6.52 cm to reach every tooth.

Samantha receives the celebrity treatment…

Samantha receives the celebrity treatment...
Image credits : @samramsdell5/TikTok

Samantha has amassed a sizable 3.2 million TikTok fans. In a recent video, she gave her viewers a glimpse inside her appointment with the dentist.

In the video that has garnered over 2.7 million views, the American went to the dentist to check on her world-record-setting mouth.

Everyone on staff is fighting for a chance to put their hands on Samantha’s mouth.

Everyone on staff is fighting for a chance to put their hands on Samantha's mouth.
Image credits : @samramsdell5/TikTok

One of your fans said he would bet her dentist likes her. It seems that he was correct in his guess.

Samantha wore a bright flowery jumpsuit and walked into the dentist’s office with her long black hair down.

The dental staff could not hold their delight as they glanced out the window and immediately made room in Samantha’s schedule for her visit.

There is no need for that!

Image credits : @samramsdell5/TikTok

Samantha strolled down a red carpet laid out by the employees and said, “I’m here,” in typical celebrity fashion.

It was hilarious to see the workers fight over who would get to help Samantha with her gob.

Fortunately, Dr. Elke Cheung was able to keep the patient in her care before she threw away the mouth widener and stated they wouldn’t need it.

Helps the dentist out!

Wide open...
Image credits : @samramsdell5/TikTok

While sitting on the chair, Samantha pleaded with the doctor to utter those magic words.

Without hesitation, the dentist spoke the words “Open wide.”

When Samantha opened her record-breaking mouth, the rest of the staff crowded around in awe.

She said that her dentist likes her.

Many individuals, shocked by Samantha’s mouth, have taken to the comments section to express their opinions.

Helps the dentist out!
Image credits : @samramsdell5/TikTok

Someone in the dentistry field once said that she is their ideal patient.

Another person commented that this is gold!

In the meanwhile, a third person commented that this is nice. Bigger mouths are better. It isn’t a lie.

Someone another praised the fact that the legend had finally arrived.

A fifth individual, who introduced herself as a dental nurse said that Samantha is the ideal patient.

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