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Woman With Psoriasis Flaunts ‘Unique’ Skin Marks In Lingerie

A lady has been commended for posting pictures of her psoriasis on the internet. After years of concealing it from the public, Claire Spurgin discovered the fortitude to accept her skin problem.

Last year, she began posting candid photos on Instagram, and she now has over 33,600 followers.

The 25-year-old described why she uploads images of her naked flesh online in a recent post.

“Also, it’s not about posting ‘naked,'” she stated after stripping down to a red underwear pair.

“It’s all about showcasing my distinct skin marks.” And, it depicts what it’s like to have a skin problem. Especially, it’s displaying the truth!”

The body-positive post has received 4,600 likes and a slew of encouraging feedback.

“Your website has helped me so much in embracing my own body with psoriasis,” one user stated. Thanks.”

“You’re unique, and that’s lovely,” commented another. “Thank you for being honest.”

“I’ve had psoriasis for 41 years, and it makes me incredibly glad to see young people like you proud of who you are and what you have,” a third said. “A true source of inspiration.”

“You are gorgeous and powerful,” said a fourth.

Claire, diagnosed with psoriasis in 2017, shared her story with the Daily Star last year.

“I was self-conscious when I initially received it,” she said. I was 19 at the time, and you care a lot more about your looks at that age.

“You may have the psoriasis gene, but you may not get psoriasis unless it is activated.”

“I had sunburn on my shoulders, which was the cause of my psoriasis; the sunburn never went away, my shoulders simply became drier, and then I got the other spots all over my body.” Then it just continued growing and growing.”

Fortunately, the Essex-based junior sommelier has come to terms with her autoimmune disorder.

Especially, her tweets have inspired hundreds of people, and she seeks solace from those who have psoriasis.

“When I started this Instagram, I felt like I wasn’t hiding anymore,” she said.

“Also, when it’s taken me years to embrace my skin and not be afraid to go to the beach in a bikini.” I was always afraid that someone would point the finger at me, and they did!!

“I was astounded by how many people asked, ‘What’s wrong with you?'” I felt ashamed at the time, but now I see they were just interested and clueless.”

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