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Woman uploads hilarious side-by-side photos of how her drunken night began and ended.

A woman compares hilarious photos of how her drunken night began and finished. Rachel, who goes by the Username @RLM713_, went to Twitter to share the hilarious images.

The 23-year-old, who has 5,384 followers, began by sharing a photo from earlier in the evening. Rachel looked stunning in a brilliant blue gown while sipping Champagne.

Her makeup, which included fluttery fake eyelashes and pink lips, was equally as flawless as her dress. Her black locks were fashioned into elegant, spiraling curls in the meanwhile.

Rachel, on the other hand, looked a lot different in the second shot, which was taken at the conclusion of the night and showed her slumped in a cab.

As she peered out into the distance while clutching her phone, the beauty appeared a little worn out. As she ran her hands over her hair, it was similarly untidy.

Rachel captioned the photo, “How it started versus how it finished.”

credits : Twitter

The post soon went viral, receiving hundreds of retweets and more than 21,000 likes on social media.

“I’m f**king screaming,” one person said after seeing the images.

“I can’t deal,” one person added.

“I adore this vibe,” said a third, while a fourth acknowledged they were “howling.”

The image sparked a trend of others posting similar photos of how their evenings out began and finished.

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