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Woman Terrified As Filleted Fish Jumps In Oven Like a ‘Scene From The Exorcist’.

A lady was horrified when a filleted fish began hopping around ‘like a scene from the Exorcist,’ despite the fact that it was obviously dead.

In a short video uploaded on Reddit, the fish can be seen leaping around, nearly flying its way to the top of the oven, bashing on the grill as if seeking to escape.

The fish began by twitching a little, but towards the conclusion of the 35-second video, it is totally jerking about while the woman looks on in terror.

According to The Sun, after sharing the video on Reddit, other users were baffled and speculated about what may have caused it.

credits : Naser Par

“It’s because the fish’s spine is still transmitting electric impulses to the muscle,” one person said. After you’ve chopped the head off the fish, put a rod down its spine to get rid of them.”

“Applying lemon juice or salt on a fresh kill will accomplish this,” another remarked.

“Or soy sauce,” said a third. Salt stimulates its nerves.

“This type of food is available at several Japanese restaurants. I’d appreciate it if you could send it to me. At the very least, you know it’s new.”

Experts say the fish swims because cells continue to respond to simulation even when the brain and heart aren’t working, but this doesn’t indicate the fish is in agony.

Let us know your opinions in the comments.

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