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Woman stunned TikTok users by revealing that her mum is engaged to her ex-boyfriend.

A lady shocked TikTok users when she claimed that her mother is engaged to her ex-boyfriend. Marisa sat down and told how she found out about the startling pair in a series of videos uploaded to her TikTok account.

“Wait… Who is marrying your former fiance?” Marisa asks in the first video she shared, which has over two million views. It then plays Eminem’s My Mom, which has become famous on Tiktok for telling ‘mum stories’.

Marisa recounts how things went down in a prior four-part series she published to her account.

Marisa is now residing with her mother and ex-fiance. (Credit: TikTok)

“Sadly, 60 seconds isn’t enough time to tell you how my mother ended up getting engaged to my ex-fiance,” Marisa remarked.

“To be clear, he is my age, and we dated in high school. To add to the ‘spiciness,’ he moved in with us a few months after we began dating.”

She was sixteen years old and lived with her mother, stepfather, and boyfriend, who had proposed to her.

She claims it was nearing her and her boyfriend’s three-year anniversary when her mother and stepfather decided to divorce in June of that year.

Marisa claimed she broke up with her boyfriend around a month after her mother and stepfather divorced.

She claims she ended their relationship because she realized she didn’t want to be “locked down” for the rest of her life at the age of 18.

“Why are you still hanging out with my ex boyfriend? Why are you doing that to me?”

Marisa moved out with friends shortly after turning 18 and was startled to find her ex-fiance hanging out with her mother every day.

“Why are you still hanging out with my ex-boyfriend? I asked her all the time. Why are you torturing me like this? It’s strange.” Marisa remarked.

“He is my son and I adore him,” Marisa recalls her mother saying, “and I am going to hang out with him whether you want me to or not because you placed him in my life and you don’t get to take him out.”

She said she was always arguing with her mother over it, pleading with her to “please stop doing this, it’s weird and it makes me feel uncomfortable and strange.”

“Mum, it’s a little odd now, isn’t it?”

Marisa created a four-part series to explain what had occurred. (Credit: TikTok)

Marisa planned to quit communicating with her mother after arguing with her about it, but her mother called her one night in 2019.

“We got into it, and she acknowledged that she was dating him,” she claimed.

“After that, for nearly a year, I stopped talking to her.”

Her ex-fiance moved back home with her mother during the period they weren’t communicating.

Marisa went back home with her mother after becoming pregnant and being unable to stay with her now ex-partner.

Marisa received a phone call from her mother on Christmas Eve, shortly after giving birth, informing her that her mother and her ex-fiance had been engaged.

Marisa is still living with the couple, and her connection with her mother is improving.

The set of videos stunned TikTok fans, as one user wrote: “When they ask “does anyone object?” during a wedding, you know what they mean. Yes, I believe you have a reasonable objection.”

“He’s my son *proceeds to marry him,” said another user.

A third user said, ” “This isn’t even close to being acceptable. I’m amazed at how casually you relate this narrative.”

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