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Woman Stalked By An ‘Menace’ Seagull That Taunts Her Daily

Today, Viraltrendzs presents you with a story about a woman who described her experience after being stalked by an angry seagull. She claims that the seagull comes to her home on a daily basis at the exact same hour and rests on the sill outside her window.

Sophia is a 19-year-old university student. At the moment, she makes her home in a flat that is reserved specifically for university students. It wasn’t until the last minute that she discovered that the flat will be shared with another roommate.

We will, at some point during our tenure as students at the university, have the opportunity to room with one or more of our colleagues. When it comes down to it, it seems like a game of chance.

But Sophia seemed to have had the worst luck.

A noisy seagull returns every day at the same time to the room of the teen and begins to peck at the window at five o’clock in the afternoon.

It’s no secret that birds of this species are notoriously noisy. Previously, we shared a story of a lady who used seagulls to get revenge on her noisy neighbors for keeping her up all night.

Ever had a sense of being watched?

Ever had a sense of being watched?
Image credits : sophoeia/TikTok

At this point, Sophia is not in a situation in which she is being in hostage. Although this seagull’s relentless conduct cannot be disregarded.

Sophia’s video of her experience, in which she included the seabird, has gone popular on TikTok.

There have been more than a million views of a series of videos on the issue Sophia had the guts to say that she hates the person who lived in her flat the previous year and continued to feed the seagull every day.

The student was able to capture on camera the moment when the seagull landed on the window sill of her bedroom and established its territory there. In Sophia’s words, it was a “menace.” Up until this point, Sophia had continued to put up a fight.

He is aware of what he wants.

He is aware of what he wants.
Image credits : sophoeia/TikTok

She begged, stating that he comes to the apartment every day at 5 p.m. He’s not going to give up. 

Although Sophia had resisted the need to feed the seagull, it finally became too much on July 14.

It was shown on a different videotape that the pupil had fed the seagull. In a surprising turn of events, it turns out the bird wasn’t looking for food after all.

Gregg was the name that Sophia had chosen for the bird. His reaction to the meal that Sophia sought to serve as negative. It is her belief that Gregg wants the flowers in order to make a nest out of them.

Sophia seemed to be becoming more fond of Gregg.

Sophia seemed to be becoming more fond of Gregg.
Image credits : sophoeia/TikTok

He comes everday at 5pm… he wont stop… why did you do this… #foryou #fyp #seagull

♬ Never forget – Vaepr

The bird flew back and continued to sit steadfastly on the edge of the window in the bathroom.

Sophia said that he is a bit of a freak who enjoys seeing others shower and poop in front of him. Even when we are sound asleep, he finds it entertaining to keep an eye on us

He is, in fact, constantly harassed. However, it seems that a huge majority of TikTok users support Gregg’s ascent to power and popularity.

One individual begged her not to disappoint him, saying that she had been handed a huge duty.

Another user stated that he should be fed.

A third expressed their opinion that she ought to be thankful.

Someone gave her words of encouragement, telling her to “carry the legacy on girly.”

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