Home Weird News Woman shares what her fake teeth look like in nightclubs.

Woman shares what her fake teeth look like in nightclubs.

A lady has revealed the shocking reality about what happens to fake teeth when exposed to UV radiation, such as those seen in nightclubs.

TikTok star Emma, 23, saw a video of a woman with fake teeth, and when she put an ultraviolet light on her grin, some of her teeth glowed brightly while others didn’t.

The gaps left by the teeth that have been replaced will remain. That’s because the substance used in fake teeth reacts differently and appears significantly darker than real teeth.

This means that if you’ve had a front tooth replaced and smile at someone in a nightclub, they’ll surely notice – as Emma shows in this terrifying video.

image courtesy : lxvdisc

“I was so shaken y’all I’m honestly about to cry,” Emma said in the video’s caption.

She remarked on the video: “This can’t possibly be true; it can’t possibly be that awful. Let’s see if either mine isn’t that awful or all of my pals are liars.”

She then flashes a UV light on her teeth. Then there’s a dark gap between her two front teeth, giving the impression that they’re gone.

She stated, ” “Uhm, I’ve entirely lost my desire to live. Oh, my goodness!”


#stitch with @lane_d i was so shook y’all I’m literally going to cry #fypシ

♬ Time of Our Lives – Pitbull & Ne-Yo

The video, which was uploaded on July 2, has received over 10 million views, over a million likes, and almost 6,000 supportive comments.

“The first time I attended a black light party, I had no clue this would happen,” one user, Kiley, stated.

“I have two fakes – how has no one told me?” remarked a second, Madeline Blake.

Another person added: “Okay, but keep in mind that the lighting at a club is always changing, and you aren’t usually standing still. It’s most likely undetectable.”

Let us know your opinions in the comments.

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