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Woman Shares 5-Year-Long Revenge Plan On Ex-boyfriend

A lady has divided opinions with the trivial way she’s been getting revenge on her ex throughout the previous five years.

The couple broke up in 2016 (image credits: kristinamakescontent/TikTok)

TikToker Kristina, known as @kristinamakescontent on the social media app, uncovered that she secretly signs her ex up for different email subscription records – and doesn’t anticipate halting any time soon.

In a video that has been seen more than 6.2 million times, Kristina clarifies: “Since the time my ex and I separated in 2016 I’ve had an exceptionally fascinating tactic for revenge.

“My revenge comes as an email pamphlet.”

This implies that “in case I’m in an air port and I need an email use their wifi : I give them his,” she said.

“On the off chance that I need to peruse an article yet they need an email, I send them his.”


#stitch with @andpacker omg so random of me can’t believe I just did that (but srsly it’s actually quite annoying) #storytime #exes #spammail #idk

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She proceeded to say that she also signs him up for any future occasions that are occurring when asked by various companies, just as all “subjects of interest.”

In any case, he has no clue she’s the one behind them spam emails.

“And I will literally never stop doing it,” she finished her clip.

Since being posted, the video has racked up more than 835,000 likes and thousands of comments from separated users.

One user said: “Much obliged for the tip young lady.”

Another said: “Alright which of my ex’s did this to me? I’m blocking messages every day and still get more the following day.”

She doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon (image credits : kristinamakescontent/TikTok)

“Totally psycho however so much amazing to have a malicious brain like this,” commented a third person.

While a fourth user proposed: “So another one…. I get such countless cold calls ‘at any point been in an accident that is not your fault ‘ I tell them, no but I know somebody who has and give.”

Yet, others thought about how her ex did to deserve the drawn-out revenge. And another individual said: “Girl, what did he do that you’re as yet mad five years later???”

“Reveal to me you didn’t get over your ex without telling me,” said another user.

While a third individual stated: “Young lady, proceed onward – it’s 2021, you should place your energy in things that make you cheerful and advance.”

What’s your opinion about her revenge plan? Tell us in the comments.

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