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Woman Posts Sexy Photos With Blisters and Oozing Sores To Prove That Her Genetic Condition Will Not Stop Her

A lady with a horrible genetic condition that causes her skin to blister and develops gushing sores has openly shown her scars in a collection of beautiful photographs to illustrate that she would not let it stop her from enjoying her natural beauty.

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Fernanda Tanajura, a Brazilian influencer from Livramento de Nossa Senhora, was born with epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a rare disease. Because of an abnormality in the skin’s collagen, this hereditary condition causes the skin to become thin and sensitive, making any friction against the skin produce blisters and ulcers.

Fernanda is used to coping with the Genetic Condition, having lived with it her entire life.

She couldn’t play in many outdoor locations as a kid because trees and shrubs irritated her skin, but Fernanda was never treated differently by other children – to the point that she didn’t see herself as different.

Fernanda must follow a strict skincare regimen to regulate her disease, which includes moisturizing her skin with sunflower oil and body cream every day. She must also change the bandages on any sores on a daily basis.

As the skin of Fernanda’s hands is the most irritated, it is the most severely impacted. Muscle atrophy has resulted from the trauma and lack of movement, meaning the muscle in Fernanda’s hands is withering away.

Despite this, Fernanda is a strong woman who can live independently despite her restricted movement. With her condition, she was especially proud of herself for figuring out how to apply cosmetics.

Despite the fact that the disease is not as severe as some may believe, Fernanda wraps her hands in bandages on a daily basis to protect the skin from additional harm. She only had a few instances of considerable discomfort.

Fernanda has always been surrounded by love and support from her family and friends, but she’s also gained a following online. Fernanda began posting on social media like any other adolescent, but she quickly rose to prominence as a spokesperson for individuals suffering from epidermolysis bullosa.

Fernanda has come with some online trolls who have attacked her beauty, but the bulk of her followers have complimented her confidence, and it is these individuals that inspire the influencer.

She wishes to keep giving individuals with epidermolysis bullosa a voice since they are frequently overlooked and unrecognized.

‘I’ve had EB since I was a baby,’ Fernanda said. ‘It’s unusual, and it has a significant influence on my health and daily routine.’

‘I have to keep a daily skincare regimen, change my dressings, and if my health worsens, I may require medical monitoring.’

‘Despite this, as a child, I had no idea I was different.’ All of my pals were normal with me.

‘I had certain limitations.’ I couldn’t go into forests or other such outdoor places since the vegetation may harm me, but it was irrelevant to me at the time. I had a wonderful childhood.

‘I’ve acquired atrophy in my hands, but amazingly, I’ve learned to adapt and can now do almost everything normally, including doing my own cosmetics.’

‘EB isn’t as painful as many people believe. Unless I have a major injury, it rarely causes me pain. In my everyday life, I am quite typical.

‘Even today, my friends and family are all behind me.’ My illness has never prevented me from interacting with others.

‘I’m currently single, but having EB has never had an impact on any of the relationships I’ve had.’ People are able to see through that.’

In 2014, Fernanda started uploading photographs of herself on Instagram.

‘I’m enthusiastic about photography and have never been concerned with what other people think, so posting on Instagram came naturally to me,’ she explained.

‘I get a lot of compliments on my positive attitude, and people like my beauty.’

‘I’ve been made to feel extremely welcome.’ People are rarely negative, however, I have had a few verbal attacks condemning or pitying my appearance.

‘I don’t want to please everyone, and I don’t need sympathy, but respect is necessary.’

‘I want to offer more people like myself a voice, to increase representation, and to make a good difference in people’s lives.’

‘One day, I’d like to model professionally.’ It’s a long-held ambition of mine, and I believe it would be beneficial to EB representation.

‘Living with EB isn’t always simple, but the total of my positive experiences drives me and helps me think that I am part of something bigger.’

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