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Woman Blinded By Eyeball Tattoo Claims That She Doesn’t Regret It

Scleral tattoo, commonly referred to as eyeball tattoo, is a relatively new trend in the world of body modification. It is not difficult to track down examples of people on the internet whose eye whites have been colored. Also, it’s not uncommon to hear terrifying accounts of people whose eyeball tattoos turned out to be a mistake after they had been permanently tattooed.

A model on Instagram with tattoos covering 98% of her body states that she has no regrets about her odd look. She afterward revealed that she was temporarily blind for three weeks as a result of her unsuccessful attempt to obtain an “eyeball tattoo.”

Amber Luke, aka “Dragon Girl,” has tattoos over about 98% of her body.

Amber Luke, aka "Dragon Girl," has tattoos over about 98% of her body.
Image credits : amberluke666

Amber Luke is a 27-year-old Brisbane native. She has garnered a lot of attention due to the huge amount of tattooing that she has done, which covers around 98 percent of her body. Aside from that, she has shelled out more than $250,000 for these intrusive bodily modifications.

The influencer claims that the high price has been worthwhile despite the criticism and frequent requests from followers to quit. This is because she now realizes just how strong she truly is after putting her body through so much strain.

More than 600 tattoos have been added to Amber’s body over the course of seven years of transformation. However, it does not seem like she will be slowing down at any point in the near future. This is despite the fact that she has claimed that some of her procedures have resulted in adverse effects such as seizures and temporary blindness.

Amber has gotten more than 600 tattoos in seven years.

Amber has gotten more than 600 tattoos in seven years.
Image credits : ambslukefanpage

When Amber’s eyeball surgery went horribly wrong, she took to Instagram to voice her distress. She said that the tattoo rendered her totally unable to sustain herself. In addition, she reported that after the treatment was through, she started to cry bright blue tears.

She said that it had been five years since she had experienced a three-week period of eyesight loss. During this whole span of time, she had been completely unable to carry out the activities as an independent person.

She had to suffer four syringe injections into each of her eyes as part of the grueling treatment. Following the surgical operation, she wept blue-colored tears for the next two days.

Recreating the blue tears Amber wept after her eye tattoo surgery.

Recreating the blue tears Amber wept after her eye tattoo surgery
Image credits : amberluke666

Amber was so moved by the experience that she subsequently got a tattoo of a woman crying blue tears to serve as a reminder of it.

When asked about the experience in an interview with Barcroft TV in 2019, she said she couldn’t even begin to express what it was like.

She says the best way to describe the experience after the tattoo artist penetrated her eyeball with ink is that it felt like she had 10 pieces of glass pushed in her eye. This was by far the most painful aspect of the whole experience.

That was a horrific experience for each eye, since it occurred four times each.

Tattoo depicts a lady sobbing blue tears.

Tattoo depicts a lady sobbing blue tears.
Image credits : amberluke666

If the treatment on your eyeballs is performed properly, you should not experience any loss of vision at all.

The model also said that she had split her tongue on two separate occasions. She described the terrible pain she went through when the surgeon had to cut through scar tissue on the second attempt since the first attempt had failed.

Image credits : amberluke666

She says that the event came so close to convincing her to give up on body changes completely.

She had more surgery, shelled out an additional $70,000, and had breast implants, pointed implants placed in her ears, Brazilian butt lifts, and cheek and lip fillers.

In an interview on Australian tv, Amber revealed that she had her first tattoo at the age of 16. For her, having that experience was like letting go of bad energy.

As she put it, it was like she had just been through an experience that was both joyful and calm.

She claims that she can still feel the pleasure and excitement that came from doing this.

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