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Why So Many Intelligent People Are Getting Less Happy?

People with greater IQ levels are viewed as more successful in life. They achieve their goals because they have the knowledge, vision, and ability to do so. However, it is a universal truth that the majority of intelligent people are less satisfied in life.

People with increased brain activity are more prone to suffer from mental illnesses.

Due to their high levels of brain activity, the majority of very bright people suffer from illnesses such as bipolar disorder and anxiety.

Basic concepts may be difficult to grasp.

When you’re always dealing with difficult challenges and goals, your brain isn’t trained to cope with everyday events the way they should be dealt with. As a result, intelligent people fail at tasks that most individuals would do.

They aren’t easily satisfied.

People with higher IQs strive for greater ambitions and more difficult alternatives. As a result, ordinary enjoyment in life is insufficient for them to be content.

Ego centered.

When a person has a proclivity for intelligence and academic rigor. As a result, individuals frequently perceive themselves to be superior to others. When they want to be the smartest individual in the room, this leads to a lot of difficulties.

They maintain excellent standards at all times.

Because of their successes, they have high standards and expectations for everything, which is a little unrealistic in reality.

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