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Why Is Hawaii The Best Place On The Planet To See Rainbows?

According to recent research, Hawaii is the best place on the planet to see rainbows. These colorful meteorological occurrences are generated by light reflection, refraction, and dispersion in droplets of water. It produces a spectrum of light visible in the sky in a curved path, according to the research. According to the report, Hawaii is the world’s rainbow capital.

Dr. Steven Businger argues in his research, The Secrets of the Best Rainbows on Earth, that rainbows in the US state are so beautiful that travelers and residents alike regularly pull over to the side of the road to capture the magnificent bands of light. They’re frequently visible in the wind-whipped spray associated with huge, fast-moving wave crests breaking close to the coast. One explanation is because Hawaii is positioned at 20°N latitude in a subtropical area dominated by the Hadley cell. That causes subsidence and clear skies above Hawaii, as well as strong northeast trade winds.

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The weather in Hawaii’s trade winds is typified by convective showers with a clear sky in between. As per the study, the distance between the showers is adequate to enable sunlight to reach the rain below the showers, creating ideal circumstances for rainbow occurrences. A hot sea surface warms convection from beneath at night, while radiation cools down cloud tops, producing heavier morning rain showers with rainbows. The Hawaiian Islands’ rugged terrain is a key element in creating regular rainbows. Despite the fact that each Hawaiian island has its own topography and orographic effects, the mountains invariably generate strong gradients in clouds and rainfall. They are essential for numerous rainbow views.

Hawaii The Best Place On The Planet To See Rainbows?
image credits: Toshi Sasaki

Rainbows may be seen in Hawaiian chants and tales, on license plates, and in the names of Hawaiian sports teams and local businesses, according to Businger, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Hawaii at Mnoa. Rainbows have numerous names in Hawaiian, including Earth-clinging rainbows (uakoko), standing rainbow shafts (khili), barely visible rainbows (punakea), and moonbows (nuenue kau p), which reflect their cultural significance. No wonder why Hawaii is the best place on the planet for rainbows.

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