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Where Is The Brazilian Man Dubbed ‘Human Satan’ In 2022?

Michel Faro do Prado is a 45-year-old Brazilian tattoo artist. He has become quite a phenomenon on social media in recent years due to his outrageous body alterations. Over the course of the year, Prado has undergone considerable physical alterations. The dramatic mutations that Prado has undergone have earned him the nickname “human satan”. He recently threw his social media followers by surprise by posting something completely out of the ordinary. We at Viraltrendzs felt it would be amusing to update our readers on the current state of this ‘Human Satan’ in 2022.

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To signify the end of the mask’s mandate, his ears were cut off.

To signify the end of the mask's mandate, Prado's ears were cut off.

However, as a result of Brazil’s elimination of its mask regulation, he has decided to remove his ears this time around. According to the New York Post, the man is known in Brazil as “Diabo,” which literally translates as “big devil” or “huge devil”. Surgeries to the devil man’s ears were obvious in pictures he posted on Instagram after changing his look. One of the photographs, which was shared on Instagram, shows his chopped-off ears laying on a sheet of paper next to a picture of a face mask.

His chopped ears are on a sheet of paper next to a picture of a face mask.

Who is Michel Faro do Prado, exactly?

Michel Faro do Prado, the human satan.

It’s no secret that Michel Faro Do Prado is a body-mod enthusiast. So far, he has had many body-modification treatments in an attempt to alter his overall appearance. Michel comes from the Praia Grande, a beach on the coast of Brazil near the city of So Paulo. His devilish appearance has elevated him to the status of a public character.

For the last 25 years, he has worked as a tattooist. The woman he is married to, Carol Praddo, is also an expert in body alteration. In addition, she is referred to as “Mulher Demonia,” which translates as “Demon Woman.”

Aside from that, she also has had a lot of surgical procedures and has undergone a tremendous bodily transformation. She assists him in achieving his goal by assisting him with all of the physiological changes that are necessary for him to take on the look of a demon.

Michel and his wife, Carol.

They’ve been together for the past 10 years. Approximately five years ago, they started to make alterations to their physical appearance.

The majority of his tattoos are done by tattoo artists and experts who he has hired to ink him, according to Jam Press. Speaking about his wife, he said that when it comes to having tattoos, his body would be a piece of art for her to look at and admire.

Despite his demonic aspect, Praddo recently confessed that he believes in the existence of a higher power. It was said that he believes in God as a source of strength; love; knowledge; and a variety of other traits that help to nourish and sustain life on the planet.

He went on to say that when people hear him talk about his devotion to God, they are frequently taken aback and challenged by the way he seems. In any case, he has faith in himself. His family and he are adored by the vast majority of the people in his community.

Michel with his son.

Michel with his son.

Michel claims that his family and friends have always been there for him, despite his odd look. To him, the people he cares about most, including his wife and son and others in his life, are like extended family.

Michel’s gruesome bodily alterations.

To attain his “devilish” appearance, he has undergone over 60 weird procedures. Michel has tattoos on almost every inch of his body. He didn’t even bother to protect his eyes. Michel enjoys getting tattoos that are described as “blackwork” or “brutal”. Those are the sorts of tattoos in which you get to ink a significant portion of your body with ink.

In one of our previous articles, we mentioned that the human satan‘s attempts to alter his physical form have been rather terrifying.

He had a portion of his nose hacked off and two horns placed on his forehead during a previous procedure. During a surgery done in December 2021, Prado had a finger from his left hand removed. His ultimate objective was to seem more otherworldly than he really was.

Prado had a finger from his left hand removed.

In order to enhance the overall look of his physique, he has also had liposuction as well as a tummy tuck procedure. During the course of his therapy, his belly button was surgically removed.

In the face of all of this, he still didn’t seem satisfied. He had silver pointed dentures fashioned for his teeth to complete his devilish image, and he looked extremely scary.

Michel claims to have a high pain tolerance, which comes in handy when he’s having pieces of his body removed for fun. He went on to say that he had an excellent tolerance for pain. Michel doesn’t believe that anything is that painful. He suffers far more in the aftermath of the surgeries than he did during them.

Moreover, the reality is that there are alterations that would be almost difficult to do without the use of anesthesia. The absence of any discomfort is what he wishes for. But if he has to experience pain in order to achieve his goals, he will undoubtedly do so!

Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the reality that such adjustments might come with their own set of hazards, whether they be immediate or long-term in nature.

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