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What If Humans Gave Birth Like Animals?

Have you ever imagined what would happen if humans gave birth in the same way as giraffes do? No? Seahorses, perhaps? Is that still the case? Paul Westover, an illustrator, has done just that, and he’s drawn the proof.

While delivery is still a painful experience for women, it is nothing relative to what other creatures have to go through, as these humorous photos on college humor demonstrate.

Consider the Surinam Toad, which lays its eggs on its back and has them bonded to its own skin. When the tadpoles are ready to hatch, they just spring forth from their mother like something from a horror film. Alternatively, what about the Frilled Shark? Carrying an unborn baby for 9 months is difficult enough, but imagine carrying your baby in you for three and a half years! Take a look at the images below to see for yourself. They’ll make you grateful to be human.

More info : Paul Westover /collegehumor


If human gave birth like seahorses.


If human gave birth like giraffes..

Frilled Sharks

If human gave birth like frilled sharks.

Surinam Toads

If human gave birth like surinam toads.


Parasitoid Wasps

If human gave birth like parasitoid wasps..


If human gave birth like opossums

New Mexico Whiptail Gecko

If human gave birth like new mexico whiptail gecko

Black Lace-Weaver Spider

If human gave birth like black lace-weaver spider

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