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What Happens To You If You Sleep With The Lights On?

We can probably all recall a moment when we were kids and fell asleep with the lights on. And also, it was the only way we could keep the closet monsters at bay. Furthermore, some people may choose to leave the lights on for reasons other than darkness. However, it turns out that the true threat has been hidden in plain sight all along.

It has the potential to impair your reproductive health.

According to one study, nighttime exposure to artificial light increases the chance of infertility. Female mice were used in the experiment. Infertile mice were more likely to be those that slept with the light on at night. Circadian rhythms (the body’s internal clock) are also thought to impact the timing of the reproductive process in women. Another research looked at the effects of nighttime light exposure on nurses working night shifts. The majority of the nurses said that their menstrual cycles had been interrupted.

You may gain weight.

A sluggish metabolism can be caused by too much artificial light at night. Furthermore, sleep deprivation and disturbance of circadian rhythms may contribute to obesity. A survey of nearly 43,000 women found that those who slept with the television on gained weight. Regardless of the quality or duration of their sleep, the shift occurred.

It’s possible that you’re depressed.

According to research, being exposed to light late at night increases the likelihood of depression. Alternatively, disrupting the circadian rhythm is likely to exacerbate depressive symptoms already present. On the other hand, red light has less negative effects since humans are less sensitive to red wavelengths. It’s even used to treat the blues in rare circumstances.

It has the potential to induce cardiac issues.

Melatonin reduces not only body warmth but also blood pressure. Melatonin production is reduced if you are exposed to light at night. Your blood pressure rises as a result. As a result, regular variations can raise the risk of heart disease and stroke

It has the potential to trigger hormonal alterations.

Even a single light source might disrupt the hormonal balance. Melatonin insufficiency is caused by light from cellphones, televisions, and laptops. Other biological processes are also disturbed. Melatonin is usually the first to be affected. Sleep deprivation raises aging hormones while lowering anti-aging hormones.

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