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What Causes Human Breasts to Be So Huge?

Human breasts come in a variety of forms and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they are unique to mankind. This planet is home to around 5,000 animal species. Even yet, Homo sapiens is the only living creature with a permanent breast.

This human oddity may be attractive to some, but it also begs the issue of why are human breasts so large. Were they a blunder in the evolutionary process?

During ovulation or breastfeeding, all mammals develop temporary breasts. Having breasts serves the purpose of producing milk for nursing. As a result, after the nursing phase is complete, the breasts will diminish as well. Humans, on the other hand, have breasts that develop during puberty rather than during pregnancy. As a result, something altered at some point throughout our evolution.

Why ?

Tim Caro, a biologist, investigated seven current hypotheses on the issue in 1987. One was that breasts allow babies to nurse from the hip, allowing moms to multitask more easily. It does not, however, explain why human breasts remain after the nursing stage has ended.

According to the book, “The Naked Ape” breasts signal and develop as a sex symbol to replace the expanding rear end of other female primates during ovulation, according to Desmond Morris. The sexual organs were no longer as visible after our forefathers began walking upright.

As a result, males had no means of knowing when a female was sexually mature, and breasts may have grown as a result. So, while a theory can explain why women’s chests expand throughout adolescence, it falls short of explaining why they persist after menopause.

If we can get a good look at the human breast. The most obvious distinction is that they have more fat than other female animals. As a result, the fat fills out the breast tissue and gives it a form. Breasts can grow to be quite big, causing back and chest pain. Many women have breast reductions as a result of this. In the United States alone, almost 61,000 women had their breasts reduced in 2016.

Breasts, on the other hand, are not unpleasant for some women. Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths in women all over the world, therefore they may be lethal at times. Every year, 1.5 million women are expected to be slain, with 570,000 of them killed in 2015.

Other mammals do not get breast cancer. As a result, it can get worse with age, while other primates die young before acquiring breast cancer. It can possibly have anything to do with the eternal breast tissue.

Cells are the source of all malignancies. More than a hundred million million (100,000,000,000,000) cells make up our body. Changes in one cell or a small group of cells are the first signs of cancer. Rapidly dividing tissue is more likely to develop cancer. Within the cell cycle, defects in DNA repair are possible every time cells are born and die. And, in essence, a cell that makes errors might get cancerous. Because breast tissue divides quickly, there’s more room for mistakes. That might explain why eliminating both breasts lowers a woman’s breast cancer risk by at least 95%.

The breast, upper chest, and armpits all contain breast tissue. Milk is made by 15-20 glands called lobes in each breast. Tubes called ducts link these lobes to the nipple. The lobes and ducts have a similar structure to a tree’s branches. Breast cancer often starts in the lobes.

Larry Young, an Emory University professor of psychiatry who researches the neurological basis of complicated social behaviors, believes that human evolution has harnessed an ancient neural circuit that developed to reinforce the mother-infant bond during breastfeeding and is now being used to strengthen the bond between couples.

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