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Weirdest Guinness World Records, From Biggest Condom To Oldest Male Stripper

It has been almost seventy years since the first edition of the Guinness World Records was published. It started by honoring some of the most remarkable talents from throughout the world. Most often, these people’s peculiar conduct and appearance led to the term “strange” being applied to them. Ultimately it led to their rejection by others around them. This book stays loyal to its original goal of inspiring people to showcase their extraordinary talents to the world.

Today at Viraltrendzs, we’ll be highlighting some of the most bizarre Guinness World Records submissions that have set records throughout the course of the previous almost seven decades.

#1 World’s longest mustache

World's longest moustache
Image credits : AFP

Ram Singh Chauhan is an Indian native of Jaipur. He broke the record when he said his mustache was a whopping 14 feet long.

According to India Today, he hasn’t cut his beard hair since the 1970s and considers it his most valuable property.

Nonetheless, his most recent height is much more amazing at 19.3 feet, as stated on his Instagram profile.

Previous statements made by Ram indicate that he did not initially want to set any records when he began the process of growing out his mustache.

He claims that men with mustaches date back hundreds of years in Rajasthani society and even beyond Indian history. It is the emblem that represents men’s pride and respect.

#2 The world’s biggest condom

The world's biggest condom
Image credits : Jean-Marc Armani / PINK / Saif Images

Benetton Group, a clothing company, surprised people in Parris, France, by constructing a gigantic condom.

To bring attention to World AIDS day on December 1st, 1993, they draped the 72-foot-long condom over the Obelisque at Place de la Concorde.

#3 The largest hairy family

The largest hairy family
Image credits : Image: Guinness World Records

In 2000, the Ramos Gomez family of Mexico was named the family with the hairiest individuals.

Everyone in the Gomez family, including Jesus Manuel Fajardo Aceves, Victor “Larry” Gomez, Gabriel “Danny” Ramos Gomez, and Luisa Lilia De Lira Aceves, suffers from an extremely unusual illness that produces excessive face and body hair.

They are four individuals out of a family of 19 persons who has been diagnosed with congenital generalized hypertrichosis. This illness has been handed down through five generations of the family.

The ladies have a thin to medium layer of hair, whilst the males have a much thicker layer of hair that covers almost 98% of their bodies.

#4 Oldest male stripper

Oldest male stripper
Image credits : Image: Guinness World Records

In 2002, Bernie Barker was recognized as the world’s oldest male stripper. The turning point came when he was 60 and had just begun his exciting new profession.

It was revealed in an excerpt from his autobiography that at the age of 60, he decided to follow his lifelong desire and start performing as a male stripper. By doing so, he immortalized his carefree, youthful persona and demonstrated that he knows how to have a good time and enjoy life.

The man who had previously worked as a real estate agent in the United States said that, after overcoming prostate cancer, he felt the need to get into better condition and thus chose to become a male stripper.

According to Bernie’s last post on Storycorps, he has won 42 striptease competitions over the previous four years, earning him Guinness World Record status in the process.

Although the successes themselves are inspiring, what keeps him going is hearing positive feedback from his audiences and receiving encouraging emails from wonderful individuals. You should never rule out the possibility of anything.

The year 2007 marked his unfortunate passing.

#5 Longest tongue

Longest tongue
Image credits : PA

The current record for the world’s largest tongue circumference (male) is held by Dante Barnes, who hails from Michigan in the United States. Barnes’ tongue is 12.19 centimeters in circumference.

Measurements stretch to an astonishing 42 mm (1.65 in) in height and 40 mm (1.57 in) in width when expanded.

He claimed he doesn’t know what to name what he can do with his mouthful since no doctor has ever explained it to him. However, he has had recordings made of his tongue by curious onlookers, who identify it as a case of macroglossia.

According to him, there is no question that he considers his tongue to be a gift. He had never expected to break any Guinness World Records, much alone one related to his tongue.

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