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Man Enjoys Visiting Places with Weird Names.

We Viraltrendzs, has brought up a story about a man enjoying himself traveling places with weird names.

Ever visited places with Weird and naughty sounding names?

Meet Nicholas Hale, a person who loves traveling around the world. Once in his childhood he went through a place named Wetwang, that’s when he brought down a list of places with weird and naughty sounding names to visit.

Nicholas Hale’s visit to “Titty Ho” image credits: Mirror.co.uk

Nicholas has been traveling for many places with weird and naughty names as much as possible. He’s 50 but he proves the fact that age is just a number, not only for traveling but for everything. If you are dedicated and is trustworthy about yourself then you can do anything.

He has been traveling far walking miles to reach many destinations, some of which are F*****g in Austria, W**k Mountain in Germany and C**t in Romania for last 26 years.

Nick admitted that seeing as many as possible has become a sort of an obsession for him, and that nothing will stop him from visiting towns with these type of names.

Nick says he has a childish hobby but still he loves it image credits: Mirror.co.uk

Nick is not only a traveler, he’s a singer as well as a comedian. Nick says “It’s a pitiful obsession, but I think everyone can connect to it in some way.”

“People normally gets childish whenever they see a naughty name”

Nick says that he come across some places by accident and for some places he takes long trips. And his happiness is the commitment when reaching his destinations.

image credits: Mirror.co.uk

Nick says that, “reaching those places aren’t an easy task, the places are isolated but he’ll do whatever it takes to reach those places. Some places are very hard to find because locals keep destroying the board signs. Also some people complain saying the house prices gets lowered due the village but it is really unique for villages to have such names.”

“As my whole family are comedians my family lives so happily and I was brought up in a happy environment.”

“Sometimes my mom gets mad when thinking what her friends would think.”

“It’s definitely infantile, and some may think, ‘Get a life,’ but there’s nothing wrong with being a little goofy now and then.”

image credits: Mirror.co.uk
image credits: Nicholas Hale
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