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Weird Christmas Tree That Looks Like A Huge Penis

A season that many of us are eagerly anticipating, Christmas is almost approaching. We can’t think of any other way this magnificent festival could have gone on without one of its most prominent symbols. No doubt by now you’ve guessed correctly, it’s the Christmas tree. There are a number of towns throughout the globe that strive to make their Christmas trees stand out from the crowd this time of year.

In the spirit of the Christmas season, we at Viraltrendzs felt it would be entertaining to tell you about a weird Christmas tree that looks like it belongs in an explicit movie. A number of residents in the neighborhood where it was erected have voiced their dissatisfaction with the structure.

Weird Christmas Tree That Looks Like A Huge Penis
image credits : Newsflash

Villagers are outraged, according to Ren TV, and have protested to authorities about the tree’s penis-shaped form. It is situated in the Lensky region of Russia’s far-eastern Sakha Republic, near the village of Vitim.

Since the outpouring of support Vitim authorities have been forced to remind the public that this weird Christmas tree is still under construction. According to the designers, they want to increase the number of limbs on the structure to reduce its penis-like appearance.

An official said that they want to go for a more traditional look, replete with baubles and other Christmas touches.

There is still a lot more work to be done, according to a spokesman. Moreover, they have said that they would complete everything by the end of the week.

Concerning the complaints, the representative said that everyone takes them extremely seriously. Even though it is a joke and or not. Even more strangely, this isn’t Russia’s first Christmas tree dispute with a penis.

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