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Vile Dad Orders Wife To Kill ‘Devil Spawn’ Malformed Baby Boy As Locals Refer To Him As An ‘Alien’.

For parents, their baby is the most precious thing in the world. If the baby suffers a sickness, his parents become extremely concerned. Along with the mother’s affection, the father’s care for the kid stays constant. But what will happen if a dad leaves his baby when he’s sick? A depraved father has told his wife that she should kill their little son because it had been spawned by the devil.

Bajeneza Liberata, a Rwandan woman, is trying to care for herself after her husband and family deserted her. She gave birth to the baby boy in a city in central Africa and was left alone for many days after her partner abandoned her.

A depraved father has told his wife that she should kill their little son because it had been spawned by the devil.
image credits : Newsflash

Before walking out on her, the father said he had no responsibility for the kid, referring to it as the devil ‘s spawn.

The mother was left stranded, unable to care for herself and her kid, as well as her other children. Even physicians are baffled as to how his son came to be this way.

Bajeneza told Afrimax English that she gave birth to several babies before and hadn’t experienced any issue like this. The woman was unable to travel to her village due to a lack of money. A nice samaritan finally volunteered to transport Bajeneza and her kid back to her village. When she contacted her husband after that, he stated flatly that if she wanted to remain with him, her son must be killed.

The villagers call it a monster and an "alien."
image credits : Newsflash

Since her return to the village, other villagers have been tormenting her, insulting the child and calling it a devil and an “alien.”

Bajeneza has been struggling to look after herself and her child, who appears to be in immense pain. She claims she has no idea what ailment her child is suffering from.

Since then, a GoFundMe page has been created to raise funds to fly Bajeneza and her kid abroad for treatment.

The baby looks to be in immense pain
image credits : Newsflash

“This kid was born like this, many people call him an alien because of his appearance, his mother was deserted by his father when his eyes focused on the infant at first sight,” it says.

“She fights with him every day; she came to the village and left her other kids in the city to come to this village and seek assistance, which she was unable to find.

“Bajeneza is now looking for help in getting the child abroad since it is not possible in this country. Please help save his life by donating.”

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