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The US is being invaded by weird “penis snakes” that have slithered up from the Amazon.

The United States is on the verge of being invaded by weird “penis snakes” that have slithered up from the Amazon.

Caecilians may reach 32 inches in length, and one was discovered in a Miami canal in November 2019.

The penis snake
image credits : Matt Roper

This is the first time the species has been seen in Florida or United States according to DNA experts.

Officials are afraid that the species has spread throughout the country.

According to Mongabay, the worm-like animals known to be penis snakes are native to Colombia and Venezuela but have been discovered in the Amazon River’s basin.

Caecilians have no legs, and their Latin name means “blind.”

Some animals, however, may have microscopic eyes hidden behind their skin.

Caecilians have tentacles that assist them to sense food, according to MailOnline.


Although they were discovered in North America as 170 million-year-old fossils, nothing is known about these creatures.

“Very little is known about these creatures in the wild, but there’s nothing especially hazardous about them, and they don’t appear to be major predators,” said Coleman Sheehy, manager of the Florida Museum’s herpetology collection.

“They’ll most likely eat tiny animals before being eaten by larger ones. It’s possible that this is just another non-native species in the mix in South Florida.”

penis snakes
image credits: Matt Roper

According to Wired, there are around 200 kinds of caecilians, and they prefer to dwell underground.

Caecilians look like worms and consume termites, but they can also catch tiny snakes, frogs, and lizards.

Whatever big their victim is, it is devoured whole.

According to the Miami Herald, Florida lawmakers are considering prohibiting the sale, possession, and breeding of reptiles such as green iguanas and several species of pythons.

Pet owners will be forced to apply for a permit.

Worm like creatures in US
image credits: Matt Roper

In 2024, a total prohibition is scheduled to take effect.

The reptiles can have a “bad impact” on Florida’s environment, economy, and human health and safety, according to officials.

Genomic research published in August 2018 discovered cross-bred DNA in an invasive snake species that had escaped the Florida Everglades.

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