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Unbelievably Realistic ‘Naked’ Christmas Costume Wows Fans

When it comes to getting into the spirit of Christmas, one artist has taken to painting on her own body. In addition, her stunning Christmas costume designs are so lifelike that many people have confused them for genuine clothing pieces.

Exceptionally gifted Marina Eloise has been doing bodypainting since 2020. Also, in addition to making colorful outfits for figures like the Joker and Deadpool, she’s also produced outfits for Ronald McDonald. For each painting, it might take as many as 10 hours to complete. Marina then uploads the finished product on TikTok, where her admirers are awestruck by how lifelike they seem, and many are taken aback by the fact that she is not dressed.

Marina dressed up as an elf in a green outfit for a recent video to celebrate the Christmas festivities.

This Christmas costume has adorable touches such as a white fuzzy collar, a black belt, and embroidery on the front.

Almost 680,000 people have seen the video thus far. Because of Marina’s approach, the paint seemed to be quite similar to clothing, which surprised and delighted the audience.

According to one enthusiastic admirer, the color and intricacy in the body paint are just breathtaking. A second spectator made light of the situation by joking that she would not have to buy clothes.

Another inquired as to what sort of clothing she was wearing. Other people wondered where her clothes were, and one actually believed she was wearing an outfit in that photo.

Body painters aren’t truly naked, despite their appearance.

Even though body painters typically make their subjects seem nude, they really cover themselves with sticky covers. The vast majority of TikTokers, according to Marina, aren’t even aware that it’s painted until they read the comments area. Finally, people seem to be disputing whether she is wearing anything at all.

Credit : TikTok / @marinaeloise

As Marina points out, it’s always amusing to see the comments and how certain everyone is that their solution is accurate. She states she has been told she seems to be covered in saran wrap, or that she appears to be wearing a clay bra, or that she appears to be wearing a very thin bodysuit underneath.

Amazingly, the creative artist just started trying using body paint in 2020 and has already amassed an astonishing one million TikTok fans in that short period of time.

Since at least a couple years ago, Marina claims, she’s been posting her innovative makeup looks on Instagram. However, it will not be until September 2020 when full torso body painting will be performed successfully.

As Marina has says it takes a lot of time.

Despite the fact that it is time-consuming, taking a break throughout the procedure is quite tough.

According to her, her personal favorite painting she’s ever done is Deadpool, which she really adores because of the outcome. At the time, her most-liked look on TikTok was the Ronald McDonald skull, which garnered 2.7 million likes.

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