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Ukrainian Farmer Steals Russian Tank With Tractor To Sell For Scrap

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, there has been a slew of incredible videos and tales shared on social media. This is one of those instances when a Ukrainian farmer has garnered a great deal of attention on social media. It seemed as if he had stolen a Russian tank with the help of a tractor and driven it away. On Twitter, researcher Arslon Xudosi initially shared the video, which was subsequently retweeted by Ukrainian MP Lesia Vasylenko.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, it was hard to find anything funny to laugh about, but this act was one of them.

ThIt is believed that the MT-LB, a Russian tank, was involved in the incident. When it was first designed in the 1950s as a fully amphibious auxiliary armored tracked vehicle, it was used extensively by the Soviet Union.

On Twitter, the video became viral.

One Twitter user, going by the username @SaltyFrenchBoi, took to the platform to share his thoughts on the situation. He said that stealing an enemy tank with a tractor was the most Slavic Guerilla move he had ever seen.

Thaddeus Martin Zedalis, meantime, remarked on Twitter that the Ukrainian people are the most gangster-like individuals he has ever seen.

Many users, such as Nance Devlin, complimented the people of Ukraine for their strength and determination. She remarked that how the Ukrainian people have maintained their morale in the face of this assault is quite astonishing.

There have been 352 civilian deaths in Ukraine since Russia began its invasion of the country. 14 of those deaths have been children.

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