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Ukrainian Farmer Steals Russian Tank With Strange New ‘O’ Sign

A Ukrainian farmer has been caught on tape stealing a Russian tank with the aid of his tractor, and the footage has gone viral online. A few weeks after, another man had gone viral for doing the exact same thing, and this was the second time this had happened. The exact location of the event is yet unknown. A Ukrainian journalist, on the other hand, posted photographs of the incident on Twitter, which went viral.

It depicts a massive truck is seen hauling an almost completely wrecked tank along the side of a road. However, many people on social media have expressed concern about the markings on the tank. Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, much has been made of the “Z” and “V” marks on its tanks. Belarusian tanks are represented by the letter V, whilst Russian troops are represented by the letter R. In addition, it looks like a new marking has appeared.

The tank was stolen by a Ukrainian farmer.

The tank was stolen by a Ukrainian farmer.

The letter “O” is painted on the side of the tank that has just been captured. In accordance with numerous sources, this symbol is another method of distinguishing Belarusian soldiers.

Professor of history and Slavic studies at Duke University, Simon Miles, spoke with Huffington Post about this occurrence. According to him, having such sorts of communications becomes even more essential when dealing with high-speed combat. As a result, uninvited shots won’t be fired. With a short look, you want to know what you need to know and tell others that they’re my people and go on. After all, we’re meant to be following along with them. Otherwise, oh no, we’ve become lost and are now behind a battalion that’s not ours. As a matter of fact, this does occur.

The mystery message was discovered on the side of the vehicle while it was being taken away.

The mystery message was discovered on the side of the vehicle while it was being taken away.

There are a variety of different hypotheses concerning the significance of the letters in the alphabet. None of these claims, on the other hand, has been validated by the Russian administration.

It’s been suggested that the V stands for the Russian Marines, according to certain accounts. While the Z, which occurs in two different versions, represents the military formations in the Eastern and Southern regions. In addition, there are the letters X and A.

The troupes of Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen leader who supports Vladimir Putin, is said to be behind the X on sofrep.com. Meanwhile, it seems that the letter A is being used to identify Russian Special Forces units on the battlefield. Because of this, it has been mostly absent from the battlefield.

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