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UK couple break the world record for the biggest height disparity with almost 2ft between them

Viraltrendzs has brought up a story about a UK couple who was able to break the world record for the greatest height differential of a married couple (different sexes/taller woman).

Many things can be learned from love, including happiness, perseverance, and kindness. Most importantly, it reminds us every day that you can’t pick who you love, and that’s the beauty of it.

Since 2016, James and Chloe Lusted have been married. They live in the United Kingdom, share a hometown, and can’t help but smile when they talk about how they met first.

Chloe, 27, is a teacher and James, 33, is an actor and presenter.

They were able to break the record for the greatest height discrepancy of a married couple (different sexes/taller woman) on June 2, 2021.

James is 109.3 cm (3ft 7 in) tall, whereas his wife Chloe is 166.1 cm tall (5ft 5.4 in). The couple’s height difference is 56.8cm (almost 2 feet (1.10 in)).

“Being 3’7″ tall might be challenging at times. However, I am capable of performing all of your tasks, but in a somewhat different manner.”

break the world record

Diastrophic Dysplasia, a genetic condition that inhibits bone and cartilage formation, is one of the rarest types of dwarfism.

James doubted that he would ever marry because of his dwarfism. He, on the other hand, desired to live his life to the fullest.

“I finally had to tell myself that dwarfism does not possess me; rather, I own my dwarfism. I just wanted to be like everyone else and enjoy my life to the fullest in a small body “- Lusted, James

Some friends introduced James to Chloe in 2012, shortly after he carried the Olympic torch through his hometown.

Taller males had always been Chloe’s type, she claimed. When she met and fell in love with James, though, all of that changed.

“To be honest, I was afraid about how people might respond,” she says.

“I believe that there is someone for everyone. It’s possible that it’s not who you think.”

Their love speaks to a thousand couples all across the world, and it is heartwarmingly simple in its incredible power.

While Chloe was still studying in Cardiff, they met at a local pub and immediately began to face the challenges of a long term relationship.

Despite their concerns about the potential difficulties of their relationship, particularly how others might treat them, they married at the end of 2013.


Chloe and James went to a lake in north Wales seven months later. James had a plan for this journey and a ring in his jacket’s top pocket.

With the stunning lake setting as a background, James got down on one knee – something he had always wanted to do despite the challenges of his health – and proposed to Chloe, who gladly accepted.

“Our love story has taught us and others that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and to appreciate the person for who they are, regardless of their appearance. I don’t believe you have any control over who you fall in love with.” Lusted, Chloe

The happy and record-breaking pair has a two-year-old daughter named Olivia. They have been married for five years.


image courtesy : guinnessworldrecords.com

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