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Troian Bellisario and Her Husband Delivers Their Baby in the Hospital Parking Lot. And It’s Really Outrageous.

Troian Bellisario is an American actress, she’s well known for her portrayal of the bright Spencer Hastings on Pretty Little Liars. Patrick J. Adams, a Canadian actor is her husband. She gave birth to her baby last month and she’s a pretty little baby girl.

Troian Bellisario photogrpahed by Dan Doperalski at the PMC studio in Los Agneles for variety.com

They named their daughter Elliot Rowena Adams, she was born on May.

Troian Bellisario with her baby
image credits: @sleepinthegardn / Instagram

Congratulations on their second baby! Their first one was also a daughter, Aurora, she was born in October 2018.

patrick adams and troian bellisario
image credits: harpersbazaar.com

Actor Katie Lowes conducted an interview, Katie’s Crib, regarding their delivery of the baby in the car. Troian began to experience what she initially mistook for Braxton Hicks contractions – false labor pains — but soon realized they were genuine. Both of them rushed to the hospital, Troian felt really uncomfortable.

Troian Bellisario said, “I’m starting to have to push my seatbelt away from me, I’m in a lot of pain, but I’m also like, I can’t be in this position anymore.” After entering the parking lot of the hospital Patrick said, “As soon as I hit the button and get the ticket, she’s screaming, I whip around, and by the time I turn my head around, Troian is fully on her hands and knees and we’ve gone nuclear.” She was in the back of the car.

Then Patrick ran for help, at the time Troian was shouting saying, “Get my pants off! Pull my pants down!”

Patrick said, “So she is still on all fours, butt facing the windshield. Her butt’s at my head level, so I just go and pull down her pants where the baby’s head was faced.”

Finally Patrick manages to deliver the baby out of her by himself in the car!

It’s ridiculous! Congratulations, Troian and Patrick; Wishes from Viraltrendzs hoping Elliot’s life will be as thrilling as her birth.

Baby Elliot
image credits: halfadams / Instagram

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