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Top Mind-Boggling Brain Games For Students To Activate Thinking

Top Mind-Boggling Brain Games For Students To Activate Thinking

Parents often struggle with making their children do something more productive than sitting in front of the television, watching their favorite shows like Looney Tunes or Teen Titans Go. So, to divert their attention, you try “Let’s read this book?” which ends in a look of disdain on your little one’s face and utter failure on yours.

We all are aware that kids learn best by playing. Both development and learning happen simultaneously, so we must promote that our kids learn things through positive reinforcement. Hence, try to juice up your personal time with these mind development activities and games that will excite children’s thought processes while keeping them away from screens. If you are determined to urge your child to problem solve and think creatively, this article will provide you with plenty of wonderful ideas to get you started!

1. Puzzles

This overlooked method for promoting thinking in kids is one of the finest tools for assisting your child in activating their thinking ability! They are an excellent tool for them to improve their spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving abilities, cognitive skills, and motor skills. Shape identification is an important component of mechanical problem solving, and puzzles may help teach it.

Simply increasing the number of pieces or the complexity of the image will increase and trigger thoughts surrounding the puzzle-building process. The problem-solving abilities involved in separating shapes and pictures at the same time will stimulate many essential elements of your kid’s advanced thinking abilities.

Convenience can often be a challenge in finishing puzzles for busy families. Nobody wants puzzle pieces all over the living room for several days till a puzzle is solved.  There are several online puzzle games that can be done from anywhere, reducing this hurdle and taking the benefits of puzzles.

2. Improvisation Games

Improvisation games are among the most enjoyable brain-boosting activities! The advantages of improvisation games are numerous! They boost confidence, sharpen brainstorming skills, enhance learning and observation skills, and promote decision-making and spontaneity. These games are enjoyable for the entire family since they can be played anytime anywhere.

An easy improvisation game that everyone in the family can enjoy is a One-word story. Here, each participant in the group contributes to the narration of a story, but just one word at a go! Create a unique narrative title or topic and let the games roll! Simplify the game by telling it one sentence at once rather than one word at a time.

3. Storytelling

Storytelling stimulates distinct brain development in kids than listening to a narrative or reading a storybook. Storytelling necessitates children’s undivided attention and focuses for an extended amount of time. Kids also improve their memory since they must remember the story’s characters, the order of events, and what will happen next.

Storytelling also boosts your kid’s language, vocabulary, and self-esteem! Each tale asks them to create and articulate connections. At the age of five, kids are growing self-confidence and individuality, and storytelling are an excellent method for them to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a productive way.

Take a magazine as a tale starter. Select a page having several elements; your kid must create a tale using the items on that page. Another creative idea is to stuff a glass jar and write several single lines such as “the winged demon in the cave,” “the lost soldier in the desert,” and “the butterfly with colorful wings.” The more innovative the ideas, the funnier the narrative!

4. Memory Game 

It’s easy to recognize why this type of sport is a classic. Merely playing these with your children will show you how difficult it may be to make note of all the details that are given to you after every turn. Memory card games are the most common games and are easier to explain.

Many kid-focused memory card games with colorful visuals and humorous catchphrases on them are also made by kids’ board game firms to assist enhance memory and executive functional abilities.

Words Train is an amazing game that merely asks the players to memorize a sequence of ideas based on a prompt. It is another enjoyable variant of this game. Start with “I walked outside and grabbed a volleyball…” or something similar, and then have each kid add a new object. Shortly, the list will be so big that it will be difficult to keep track of everything!

The ability to memorize sequences of data is necessary for recalling guidelines. This set of skills will be highly beneficial to kids who are preparing to enter grade school since they will be learning to pay close attention to other people’s instructions for the very first time. Nothing confuses a youngster more than the initial week of preschool with unfamiliar rules and expectations they can’t recall!

5. Spot the Difference Games

These are popular brain games in which two pictures are compared to find what differences exist between them. These games may be played on paper, but they are also available on many online gaming sites and video game platforms geared toward children. 

The benefit of this type of problem-solving is that it will assist your kid with troubleshooting difficulties and identifying those that are not safe or right. This might be useful if you’re attempting to educate them about security or urge them to concentrate on details for school-related assignments. These games have also been related to sports skills and can assist kids in problem-solving as they play sports activities.


Making use of games to enhance memory and skill development is an important aspect of psychology and a method that teachers employ on a daily basis. As a parent, the strain of forcing your child to participate in difficult activities can be easily eased by playing any of these activities with them.

Children are constantly driven to participate in activities that they find enjoyable, and combining problem-solving with enjoyment is a wonderful method to help your kid develop into a competent student and individual who can discover the solutions to their concerns without having to battle day after day.

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