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Woman Went On A Tinder Date With A Man Who Said His Wife Was Dead – Yet She Wasn’t

We, Viraltrendzs have brought a weird story about a woman who was overwhelmed subsequent to going on a Tinder date with a ‘typical’ man who said that his better half had kicked the bucket – yet she before long discovered that she hadn’t and that they were in reality still together.


#stitch with @findingmrheight sorry Ashley your husband told tinder girls you were dead ;/

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TikTok user Sissyhankshaw clarified that she had met a 25-year-old teacher and that regardless everything appeared to be incredible – he was a runner, he was pleasant, and she had high expectations.

The man said how he had a child, and that tragically the kid’s mom had died in a tragic accident – and the TikTok user said she got inquisitive about how so she did a deep dive on the late spouse’s profile.

And then she saw that the probably dead spouse was all the while transferring pictures to Instagram, and it arose that she wasn’t dead and was in fact still involved with the man.

Tinder Date With A Man Who Said His Wife Was Dead
TikTok user Sissyhankshaw went on a Tinder date with man who said his wife was dead

Sharing her story on the web, the lady said: “I went on a Tinder date with this person who was a teacher. He was 25, he encouraged school children and I’m similar to ‘gracious that is so sweet’.

“He had a child, he said that his child’s mom had died appallingly she was dead, he was a single parent – how horrible.

“The other teachers would watch his child when he would go on dates I resembled, ‘goodness that is so sweet – how pleasant of them’. He enjoyed running, he appeared to be an ordinary individual.

“Furthermore, I, obviously, had an Instagram tail to perceive how this tragic story unfurled in light of the fact that I love things like that.

“I went to stalk her on Instagram and I returned to show my friend and thought back on an alternate day and when I did she had new posts thus I stalked much further.

“Furthermore, tracked down her entire family and career history on the web. Turns out she was not dead by any means. She was particularly alive, and they were a lot together in a relationship.

“Also, he was so typical, he was the most ordinary individual I’ve been out on a date with in quite a while.”

“I confronted him about it and revealed to him that he lied and that she was really alive and I resembled, ‘what the f*** dude?’ And he disclosed to me that I was lying and that she was dead in reality. She’s alive.”

Subsequent to posting the story on TikTok, the lady was before long immersed with comments from people – some of whom had gone through similar incidents.

One person expressed: “Oh wow, that’s like serial killer vibes.”

Also, another added: “I had seven days in length throw with someone once who revealed to me his wife was dead, presently I’m recalling like – ‘was she just out of town’?”

While a third added: “The typical appearing ones are generally a lot more dreadful to me.”

After a while, viewers began to inquire as to whether Sissyhankshawhad reached the spouse, to which she said “I informed her on Instagram” prior to adding that the lady never read the post.

Do you have a story to share? We’d prefer to hear about it.

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