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‘Time traveller From 5000 AD’ Claims To Have Photographic Evidence Of Apocalypse – Los Angeles Completely Underwater.

Climate change would submerge entire towns, according to a man who claims to be a “time traveller from the year 5000,” and he has photographic proof.

The man, identified only as Edward, told ApexTV that he was taken 3,000 years into the future as part of a top-secret time-traveling experiment in 2004.

image credits : Apex TV

According to the Daily Star, the guy claims that when he arrived in the future, he was surprised to see Los Angeles flooded by a large body of water.

Edward claims he was working in a laboratory in Los Angeles when he was assigned to travel into the future and collect photos.

To protect his identity, the man’s face is obscured and his voice is altered in the video while he relates the story.

Future Los Angeles that is underwater
image credits : Apex TV

He claims the image depicts a future Los Angeles that is underwater.

“I’ll tell you a story that will astound you and leave you speechless,” he added.

“I sounded like I was ‘placing.’ It was incredible.

“I was on a massive wooden platform. Not just myself, but homes and buildings are all constructed of wood. After that, I realized it was the same city, Los Angeles, except this time it was underwater.”

Edward also stated that he met with locals who informed him that the flood was caused by global warming.

Giant aliens with a “distorted look” will arrive on Earth in 2022, according to a “time traveller” claiming to be from the year 2491.

Future Los Angeles that is underwater
image credits : Apex TV

NASA stated that humans will never be able to travel back in time.

Another recently made the ridiculous assumption that there will be pyramids in the sky, warning viewers not to “look up at them” when, or if, his wild forecast comes true.

And the TikTok account “Time Voyager,” which claims to have arrived on real-time Earth in December 2020, predicted a huge wave in the summer of 2021 on social media.

“Although people cannot travel back in time in a time machine, we do know that clocks on aircraft and satellites travel at a different speed than those on Earth,” NASA says.

“We can’t go hundreds of years into the past or into the future using a time machine.

“Time travel like that is only found in fiction and movies.

“However, the math of time travel has an impact on items we use every day, such as GPS satellites.”

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