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Tiktok Star Mei Pang Talks On Identity, Virality And Being Yourself

A lot of years have passed since Mei Pang began her professional career in the content creation field. After her cut crease makeup method became popular in 2018, she launched her professional career on YouTube, where she has maintained a strong presence. Currently, she has more than 219,000 subscribers on YouTube. Her Tiktok fan base has grown to nearly 2 million people making her a Tiktok star, and her Instagram following has grown around 1 million, demonstrating that she has built up a committed fan base for herself. Her outlandish look has made her photos incredibly famous on Pinterest, where they draw a great number of people. When it comes to social media, you may have already come across her without even realizing it.

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Mei Pang is a content creator and makeup artist living in Ontario, Canada.

She certainly makes an impact with her tattoos, shaved head, and breathtaking good looks. This tatted-haired beauty stood out not only because of her outstanding attractiveness but also because of her significant height.

You might have caught a glimpse of this young womana at Rihanna’s newest SavageXFenty show

She is a small woman standing at 5’4″ tall. Mei stood out even more among the ladies wearing stilettos because of her height. Following an injury, she was forced to give up wearing heels.

Latte, her elderly cat, is also a big part of her life.

Those of you who have been following Mei’s YouTube channel for a long time may recall her cat Latte, which she detailed in one of her videos. Latte, her 11-year-old huge cat, came from a shelter where she was adopted. Furthermore, Mei’s supporters adore her just as much as they like Mei.

A*Pop, BuzzFeed’s API identity brand, joined the creator on an IG Live session to discuss their work.

It was the goal to have a better understanding of how she felt about beauty standards and labels. Also, how she’s handled the spotlight on her own personal identity was focused during the conversation.

Her own experience with being well-known on the internet was shared with the audience. On top of that, she provided guidance on how to be your most true self. She presented them during a conversation about how Asian mothers have the best one-liners and have taught us the importance of getting a good bargain on anything.

Some of the topics that were discussed with Mei Pang included the following:

At first glance, Mei’s beauty is really stunning. The origins of her bold aesthetic choices, which include her short hairdo and symmetrical body art, have been questioned by a number of individuals. Her answer was lengthy and detailed, with several sections.

When it comes to her hair, the plain explanation is that she just did not want to spend money on shampoo. The lengthier, more in-depth response dives deep into her own identity as well as her emotional tie to her hair. It was as if her whole self-worth rested on how nice her hair looked on any given day, and she had hair that grew to the bottom of her hips. In her mind, she knew that her hair had taken her a lot of time, money, and effort. This was her perception of herself as a lovely kid. She made the decision to cut it as a result of this. As a result, one night she shaved her whole head of hair.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years already.

Ink-lovers will be captivated by her story because of her tattoos. Mei has always had the desire to have a tattoo. She was unable to stop herself from having more once she had her first one. It was on her tummy that she had her first inking done. This was inspired by Rihanna, a well-known music diva. She was questioned as to why she opted to get all of her tattoos in a symmetrical design. After then, she spoke about obtaining her second tattoo and the subsequent events.

She got a second tattoo done on her arm. When she walked out of the shop, she immediately felt off-balance. It’s as though there’s something hiding there. So she got a tattoo on the other side of her body, and 80 tattoos later, she’s here and completely symmetrical.

When it comes to her own style, she draws influence from her surroundings. Mei cited a variety of sources of inspiration, including her friends, other entrepreneurs in the cosmetics industry, and “wackier points throughout the globe.” She once created a cosmetics look inspired by a sofa she witnessed being tossed out on a side street while walking.

To Talk About Not Following Standard Of beauty And The Path To Peace

Her management website states that Mei does not attempt to fit into any preset categories. The things that make her happy are the ones she pays the greatest attention to.  It was when she was questioned about this philosophy that she spoke out about her personal struggle to seek pleasure and peace inside herself.

In the end, she acknowledges that the path to happiness and contentment was a long one, littered with blunders. There is no doubt in her mind that she is an online child. MySpace and Tumblr, were a part of her growing up. As a result of her extensive internet experience, she was familiar with a wide range of topics. There were so many distinct aesthetics she wanted to try out that she became overwhelmed. And she followed through on everything.

Thus, she understood that it is possible to focus on the portions that bring her joy. So she ended up looking like this. This simple girl with few stickers on her believed of herself as simply an ordinary female. She, on the other hand, is always on the lookout for methods to make herself feel more at ease. That’s her major focus. For example, if she does not feel comfortable or cozy, she is not being her most authentic self. So, yeah, there was a lot of trial and error involved in achieving this state of calm.

Supporting Asians in the Beauty world via an Artistic Platform

Throughout Mei’s response to the issue of how it felt to represent Asians in the fashion and beauty industry, Mei was open and honest. Among other things, she discussed the lack of representation in her sector, the evolution of the business, and her personal experiences.

In other words, she’d want to see more individuals who look like her, or even simply people of Asian descent, in this community. For the simple reason that when she was younger, people would comment on how much she reminded them of Lucy Liu or Jackie Chan. But it’s evident that she has nothing in common with her. That is indicative of the lack of diversity in the area. That’s all you’ve got on your hand is one or two names. Basically, it’s only Lucy Liu, Jackie Chan, and Bruce Lee.

She’s had a great time putting herself out there. She takes great pleasure in showing people that, despite her background in a suburban Canadian town, she can still look this wonderful. Additionally, you might have a cat as well as a shaved head. We all have the freedom to choose how we want to conduct our lives if we so desire. She hopes that it may inspire others. The decision to shave your head is entirely up to you. However, it just serves to highlight that there is a diverse range of Asian cultural forms. As a whole, it has been a very wonderful experience. It’s been a good thing.

As she discussed the fashion industry, a question arose concerning Mei Pang’s experience appearing in the SavageXFenty runway show. She characterized it as the most perfect 25th birthday present a girl could ever get.

Her first time on the runway or in a high-production, the high-stakes environment made it anxiety-wracking. And she wondered, in the back of her mind, if they were aware of this. She is 5’4″ tall? What if they know she has damaged knees and can’t wear high heels because of her condition? All of these memories came flooding back to her.

In the same breath, her management team reassured her that they want her since she’s so different from the rest of the group. She stands out from the crowd. And she heeded their remarks and walked into the interview with the self-assurance of a 6-foot model. It also doesn’t seem real. It’s all like a dream to her: the entire crew, the production, and Rihanna, she admits. And the models in that little segment of the event were nothing short of kind and welcoming. There was nothing competitive about it. Each and every one of them was there and positively excited.

On the subject of becoming an internet sensation.

It’s rare to become viral on the internet, but it’s possible. Mei had the same experience. When questioned about the experience of becoming viral, she simply remarked that it’s been a journey.  She began on Tumblr, then went on to Instagram, but she had no intention of it becoming into what it has become. Instagram was the social media platform of choice for her pals, so she figured she could share some images with them through the app. Her next step was to cut off her hair and begin experimenting with different cosmetic styles. It wasn’t long before people began recognizing her. It’s fascinating to watch so many individuals from many walks of life approach her and introduce themselves. As of right now, she’s still figuring out how to strike a healthy balance between maintaining her private life and her professional one.

When asked whether her public image differs from her private one, Mei Pang said that she doesn’t see a difference:

She doesn’t see a difference between her public and private selves. It is due to the fact that she never seemed to belong anywhere. During her time growing up in suburban Ontario in Canada, she sometimes thought that was a little too white for the Asian kids and too Asian for the white kids, which made her feel bad. She believes this is due to the fact that she is a first-generation Canadian and that her parents immigrated from Malaysia. Unfortunately, she does not speak any Mandarin. When it comes to discovering who she is and where her life is headed, it’s been quite the journey. Moreover, she views it as a good thing in the long run. Since there are no rules, she may do anything she pleases, which is a good thing.

Nothing else compares to her. And it is really thrilling to her. Even if she wishes she could have blended in a little better, it’s a little terrifying. When a child grows up, everyone wants to fit in. Not being able to fit in and instead of making her own small corner of the world has been a blessing. Moreover, being in the public spotlight allowed her to build her own small world with so many other people around her. So many individuals message her to say they’re first-generation Canadians or Americans. Saying that we’re all bald and covered with tattoos is another way of putting it. But it’s both exciting and shocking at the same time.

How to Express Your True Self

Despite the fact that she has said it several times on her platform, it seems to have stuck with her. Her father used to say that to her all the time while she was growing up. ‘Try everything at least once.’ If something sticks, it stays. At the end of the day, even if you fail, at least you gave it a go.’ In particular, with her appearance, you don’t get to look like this without putting in a few hours of work and experimenting. There was a lot of trial and error involved with this, but ultimately, she found a level of comfort and contentment.

When it comes to tattoos, well, you might get one that your parents didn’t like.  She kept her dad in the dark about her shaved head and tattoos until she was 21. When she turned 18, she began getting tattoos since she was sure he would despise them. Nevertheless, when her parents realized how happy she was and how she was living her fullest truth while still being financially comfortable, they were overjoyed. Seeing how content she is makes it impossible for them to say anything negative. They are thus happy for her. She has a strong network of friends and family to rely on. 

It was clear that her cat Latte was a big hit with the audience when she described Mei Pang’s true character when questioned about it.

She is most clearly herself when she is with her cat. She has discovered a great deal of pleasure in the most ordinary of tasks. Yet another of her father’s sayings will be appropriated. “When life is dull, life is wonderful,” as the saying goes.

Subsequently, Mei spoke on how she has now learned to settle down from her teenage years of being an aspiring party girl. Two years later, she is still sober. She lives in the suburbs of Toronto and spends her time performing basic tasks around. This is the happiest she’s ever been in her whole life.

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