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This Mom And Daughter Practicing Yoga Is Amazing

Yoga’s ability to harmonize the body and the mind is well-known in the world of physical training. This specific kind of communication has helped to strengthen the bond that exists between a mother and her daughter. Laura and her daughter have found that practicing yoga has helped them to build their relationship as well as their ability to accomplish even the most difficult poses together.

In case you’ve ever wondered why this yoga mom and daughter’s bond is so inspiring, we at Viraltrendzs have compiled some evidence to prove our point.

More info & Image courtesy : laurasykora / Instagram

#1 What started it all off.

There are several sides to Laura Kasperzak’s life. She is a yoga instructor, fitness instructor, dancer and a loving mom. In 2012, she started her Instagram account as a personal blog. In that, she featured photographs of her work and, most importantly, her yoga practice. She eventually drew the attention of thousands of people on Instagram. Also, she got the attention of someone very dear to her, her daughter, Jayden, who was captivated by her posts. In the first few instances of seeing her mother working out, she was intrigued and wanted to join in on the fun.

#2 When she started to mimic her mother’s movements and posture, they were taken aback by the consequences.

Jayden discovered that she was fascinated with imitating her mother’s acts when she was four years old. That’s something Laura saw about her own child, and it’s nothing new. It was as if lighting had gone out in her mind when she realized she could perform yoga with her loving daughter Jayden. It dawned on her that it’s a lot more enjoyable than just doing it solo. As a means of showing the world the progress of their unique bond, she opted to take interesting images of her and Jayden practicing yoga together.

#3 Mom and daughter’s before and after pictures.

For this mom and daughter, posting before-and-after photographs of their remarkable flexibility is a favourite activity. But this lovable behavior has a deeper significance for them than merely playing around with comparisons. Rather, it’s a matter of communicating their story.

#4 In these photos, you can see the bond between mother and daughter.

Laura likes them because they allow her to see the growth of her child side by side with her own. Photographs taken two years apart are shown here. Several areas of @minilaurasykora’s life have developed in recent months.

#5 What the practice of yoga is really all about.

For this renowned combo, there isn’t a single pose they haven’t attempted. Dedication and persistence are required for yoga, just as they are for any other practice. If you merely look at their expressions in photos, you can tell how much they like it and how effortless it seems.

#6 Laura enjoys teaching her daughter.

For the express purpose of spending more time together, they started their practice sessions from the start. Laura gave other moms advice on how to include their children in their daily routine. It’s also quite easy to do. Her advice was to start at the beginning and to include your children in what you are doing. But only if they’re interested in what you’re doing. She also advised not to anticipate or push for anything, but to simply enjoy.

#7 Posing the most difficult positions.

Jayden likes to put her mother to the test from time to time. And this is done by flipping the roles of the instructor and the pupil. Laura exemplifies the idea that one is never too young to teach. She claims that her little one constantly gets her into difficulties while she is attempting to maintain balancing poses. It’s worth a shot, however, since the outcomes are usually entertaining.

#8 Putting faith in the process.

#9 Always making everything seem to be simpler than it really is.

#10 They are each other’s source of inspiration and encouragement.

#11 It all started as a pastime, but now it’s their full-time passion.


#13 To sum it all up, they’re always forging closer ties.

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