Home Creativity This Hand-Made Replica Of The Iconic 1969 Camaro Is A Masterpiece

This Hand-Made Replica Of The Iconic 1969 Camaro Is A Masterpiece

Toy model automobiles are no longer reserved just for children. Some individuals can’t resist the temptation to amass collections of toy cars. In light of this, miniature hot rods have become a popular subculture in recent years. These metal sculptures are really stunning because of the incredible level of detail put into them. The 33-year-old Jamie Schena is an accomplished craftsman who specializes in hot-rodding. Recent examples of his work on the legendary Big Red, or 1969 Chevy Camaro, prove this.

What’s So Special About This Project?

What's So Special About This Project?

Big Red’s owner, RJ Gottlieb, requested the work, and Jamie Schena got to work on it. The skilled artisan said that the Big Red 1969 Camaro road racing configuration was the most challenging sculpture he’d ever created.

Aside from the standard external and interior features like a trunk, hood, and working doors, he was also tasked with constructing every element from scratch. There was no time restriction, and Schena was allowed to work at his own pace for an unspecified number of hours. That’s because Gottlieb set out to make this sculpture his best work to date, and he certainly succeeded.

The Background Study

The Background Study

Jamie Schena visited Big Red in Victorville, California to research the car’s specific parts for his most challenging work. The professionalism of the Big Red team as a whole impressed him immensely. Simultaneously, he understood how challenging it would be to accurately capture the spirit of this American classic in a copy. His research on the 1969 Camaro was meticulous; he collected copious notes and several photographs. Scaling things down was insufficient since his creation was not a die-cast model.

How Recreation Goes

How Recreation Goes

Jamie Schena constructed his Big Red Camaro sculpture using discarded vehicle components and sheet metal made of mild steel. There will never be another piece of art quite like this custom metalwork. To emphasize the handcrafted nature of the piece, Schena purposefully did not polish off the metal grinding marks. Weighing around 95 kg, the replica is a quarter-size representation of the original.

Not even the tiniest bolts and hinges or engine or fire system components have been overlooked in this exact replica. In the end, he used a polyurethane clear coat and a few other colors to give the Camaro the same look as the original Big Red 1969 model. Nonetheless, a transparent sheen was added to the color to draw attention to the metalwork. Consequently, Jamie Schena spent many hours laboring alone in his workshop to create this Big Red 1969 Camaro sculpture, which is a real masterpiece.

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