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This Amazing Atmospheric Phenomenon Looks Like A Video Game

Have you ever seen that Atmospheric Phenomenon like that? These lengthy streaks of light may seem to be indicating the location of legendary goods or mystery boxes high in the sky, but they are the consequence of a rare natural event. What may be causing the emergence of these excellent beams, which have also been the subject of several UFO sightings?

Atmospheric Phenomena Looks Like Something Straight Out of a Video Game
Image Courtesy: Reddit/Eventarian

Freezing weather may not be the most comfortable atmosphere, but it provides some breathtaking images. Only when the air temperature goes below the freezing point of water (0 °C or 32 °F) may they appear. A light source of some type is also required for the phenomena to occur.

Ordinary street lighting will usually be enough.

There is a long history of man looking up into the sky and seeing something so ... This atmospheric phenomena might be rare
Image Courtesy: NASA/Walter Tape

So, these light pillars are generated by ordinary street lamps?

Technically, yes, but hexagon-shaped ice crystals that form in the air when temperatures dip below 0 degrees have a more considerable influence on this event. Usually, they dissipate before reaching the ground, but in icy conditions, flat flashing ice crystals, comparable to light snow, may accumulate near the ground. In addition, the air must be quiet and wind-free since wind might interfere with light reflection.

Flat plates, which tend to position themselves more or less horizontally as they fly through the air, make up most of these crystals. They will reflect strong light sources positioned underneath them once enough of them. They reflect the light like tiny mirrors, forming a light pillar in the sky.

Atmospheric phenomena are caused when light from the Sun or Moon interacts with elements in the air or atmosphere
Image Courtesy: V1adis1av

According to EarthSky.org, people often mistake them for UFOs near Niagara Falls, where more UFO sightings are claimed during the winter when the ice mist from the dropping water combines with the city lights.

They may seem weird, but they are far from a spacecraft or a UFO.

Atmospheric Phenomenon is composed of different essays written or co-authored by Irving Langmuir.
Image Courtesy: Raitisfreimanis

Light pillars may be created by various sources, not only artificial lights. Our star, the sun, may create its light pillars. However, the word “sun pillar” is more accurate in this situation. Sun pillars appear just before sunset, when the sun is low enough in the western sky, or just before sunrise when the sun is low in the eastern sky. Clouds must also be thin enough to enable sufficient light to reach our eyes for us to see the pillar. Sun pillars are similar to light beams, except they stretch outward from the sun.

Image Courtesy: NOAA Photo Library

In actuality, light pillars are uncommon since numerous conditions must be satisfied to witness them. But, once constructed, the pillars will be a visual feast for any spectator.

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