Home Creativity This 3D Icelandic Crosswalk Slows Traffic using Optical Illusion

This 3D Icelandic Crosswalk Slows Traffic using Optical Illusion

Of the multiple causes that contribute to pedestrian deaths on the road, poorly lighted and unsafe crossings, as well as reckless or irresponsible driving, may be responsible for the vast majority of these accidents. Many countries have attempted to solve this problem, but Iceland is perhaps the most forward-thinking.

Safjörur is a small fishing town in Iceland. There has been a dramatic shift in pedestrian crossing safety in Safjörur, which has appeared virtually out of nowhere. Speed bumps in the Safjörur have been given a revolutionary makeover, owing to a brilliant optical illusion. In addition, these speed bumps provide the impression of being three-dimensional.

More info and image courtesy: Gústi ProductionsVegmálun GÍH (Icelandic)

Its distinctive shape allows walkers to feel as though they’re floating above the ground. The 3D artwork not only attracts the attention of pedestrians, but it also draws the attention of vehicles, who will be forced to slow down their pace once they see the supposedly flying ‘zebra stripes.’ This decision was made by Icelandic environmental commissioner Ralf Trylla after watching a similar scheme being implemented in New Delhi, India. Street painting company Vegmálun GÍH supported him in realizing his desire of having pedestrian crossing signs installed in this area.

In part, the optical illusion alters as you vary your viewpoint, which makes it so visually compelling. It seems like a column of walls if you look at it from the air because of the white stripes. When approaching from the land, the bars appear to be floating just above the surface of the earth. The town wants to evaluate how the unique crossing affects traffic before choosing whether or not to extend the concept to other areas in the future.

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