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These Magnificent Spiders Look Like Disco Balls

On a human level, it’s tough to comprehend how incredible nature is. Nature never fails to amaze us, no matter how far we’ve come as a species. Trying to figure out what our human senses are capable of detecting is always a subject of intrigue. In my mind, I am impossible to comprehend how such things could have come to pass. This Viraltrendzs article showcases another stunning spider species that genuinely reminds me of disco balls.

It’s impossible not to be inspired by these stunning photographs of spiders. A strong chance exists that they will demonstrate to the world how beautiful spiders are.


Image credits: Nicky Bay

A sparkling jewel appears at first glance. It will take some time for individuals who have been waiting so long to comprehend what it is. A dazzling and sparkling spider, to be exact. If you look at them side by side, you can see that their tummies are reflecting, which makes them stand out from other spiders.


Image credits: Nicky Bay

They’re also known as a mirror or sequined spiders because of their glistening appearance. Because they are members of the Thwaitesia genus, they have reflecting silvery spots on their abdomens, which are seen on all of their spider species. Just like stained-glass art, they seem to be the work of an artist. Although it might vary in size depending on the spider’s temperament, it can be as large as an adult.


Image credits: Robert Whyte

Only a few facts are known about them. Photographs from Australia and Singapore form the basis of this collection. Even arachnophobic people will be baffled by these spiders since they belong to an extremely unique species.


Image credits: Nicky Bay


Image credits: Andrew Ker


Image credits: Nicky Bay


Image credits: Nicky Bay
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