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There is something worse than plastic straw when it comes to marine pollution.

Although there has been a recent campaign to build plastic hay, it is not the biggest threat to marine pollution. It is only 0.02% of marine pollution. If there are other threats, they should be suppressed. According to NBC News, cigarette butts seem to be about significant threats. Furthermore, they say it has so far managed to prevent the numbering regulations from manufactured toxic substances.

Cigarette filtration is the main problem. Thomas Novotny, a professor of public health at San Diego State University, told the NBC News Agency that “there are no health benefits” and “we can not allow this to continue.”

It produces 5.6 trillion cigarettes worldwide each year and takes more than a decade to decompose. Made from a collection of cellulose acetate, this filter has been the most collected item from the beach since 1986 to 60 million.

Filters manufactured in the 1900s to reduce human health problems are now the biggest focus of pollution.

A 2011 study by Professor Novotny Dame found that despite the campaign to dispose of garbage, permanent litter bins were placed in public places, making it challenging to stop smoking cigarette butts. To change attitudes towards cigarette filters, a campaign called the Cigarette Butt Pollution Project wrote on its website, “As much as cigarette butts have polluted our beaches, parks, and communities – it’s time to take action!” Many countries around the world have made some efforts to solve this problem. In the United States, they have taken steps to prevent the pollution caused by cigarette butts, ban cigarette filters, and increase the cost of cigarette packets to cover the cost of cleaning up leftovers.

Earlier this month, at a theme park in France, some of its birds began training to pick up litter and cigarette butts, showing society that “nature itself teaches us to care for the environment.” Starting a plastic straw cleaning business is great news to show that it is easy to start from the beginning of your daily life. We have a lot to do to alleviate this crisis. It is a good idea to fix the condition of cigarette butts.

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