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The Zombies of Kinshasa – Victims of a Strange Artisanal Drug

The whole globe is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic at the time. But the authorities in Kinsasha are attempting to suppress an outbreak of their own. It is the fast proliferation of a new and hazardous medication. It now poses a threat to the lives of millions of children and adolescents throughout the world today. It’s referred to as ‘bombé,’ which literally translates as strong in the local Lingala language.

This dubious combination is made from the black powder that results from the breakdown of catalytic converter ceramic cores. In the automotive industry, it is a component that helps to keep harmful gases from coming out of car exhaust pipes. When this powder is used with a variety of pills, studies indicate that it creates a state of near-catatonia in its users.

The Kinshasa zombies are so named because they tend to remain stationary for lengthy periods of time or roam aimlessly like zombies.

Young individuals become zombies after ingesting the substance, according to toxicologist Prof. Ndelo Di Panzu on Radio Okapi. Before long, they’ve fallen into a deep slumber and have begun clawing their arms in an attempt to rouse themselves. Also, their facial expressions are constantly shifting, causing them to either weep or laugh for no apparent reason at all.

Di Panzu goes on to say that those who use bombé act weirdly and have lost any sense of hygiene as a result. As a result, they no longer want food and spend much of their time sleeping.

According to a bombé user questioned by German newspaper Der Spiegel, the toxicologist’s statements are true. Apparently, they combine the crushed catalytic converter core with appetite-stimulating medications in order to ensure that they eat while under the effect of the drug, according to the guy.

A nameless young individual indicated that they would spend two days without food if they were not included.

As the main ingredient in bombé is scrap metal from old car parts, it is very cheap. As a result of the low cost (around $1 per dosage), it is readily accessible for purchase. It’s also not clear what long-term effects inhaling or smoking the brown powder will have. Even young people who are a little worried about their health don’t think about it. They simply want to forget about their plight for a little while, and bombé does exactly that.

Bombé, according to one user, allows them to forget about their worries. The majority of individuals in the West have bank accounts; he claims to have none. As a result of bombé, he finds everything to be much easier to deal with.

Bombé has just been available for a few months, therefore it is unlikely to have caused any deaths or major health problems. A wide variety of hazardous materials, such as carcinogenic substances and rare metals, are found in catalytic converters. It’s just a matter of time until patients start experiencing major side effects, according to doctors.

Authorities in Kinshasa, however, are working hard to stem the spread of drugs by arresting both sellers and customers in the meanwhile. Tragically, the hundreds of individuals who have been caught so far are only droplets in a bucket that is only becoming bigger and more numerous every day.

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