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The “World’s Most Identical Twins” Want To Have Babies Together!

Regardless of how traditional a family is, everyone of us has our own distinct peculiarities that distinguish us differently. A pair of identical twins from Australia, Lucy and Anna DeCinque, reside in Perth. It is said that they are the “world’s most identical twins”. The title, in fact, was bestowed upon them many years ago. Moreover, this occurred during a guest appearance on a Japanese television show.

As part of the show’s experiment, they were subjected to a facial recognition experiment. During that time, each twin’s face had the ability to unlock the other’s.

The sisters are identical in every way, including their look, speech, and style of behavior. They do not dispute with one another, which is unusual for siblings who are close in age.

They’d rather be with each other than separated, even for a split second. They never wanted to be apart from one another from the time they wake up till the moment they go to their beds at night.

Additionally, they want to deliver their baby at the same time, which further complicates matters. Additionally, they wish to deliver their baby at the same time, which adds to the mystery!

Almost 10 years ago, Anna and Lucy began a relationship. However, this is the same guy, Ben Byrne.

Credits : annalucydecinque

It’s possible that some individuals find it odd to share a love with someone else. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic thing for them. However, they have no influence over whether or not they get pregnant at the same time.

In their early years as youngsters, Anna and Lucy learned to rely on one another. After a while, they discovered how much they loved dressing similarly and having a similar appearance. As a result, they agreed to keep it going.

However, as they got older, their desire to be similar became more pronounced. As a result, they took ever-greater measures to keep their selves from being split apart.

It’s become a source of pride for both Anna and Lucy to dress exactly alike. To spice things up even further, they’ve each had identical cosmetic surgery procedures to keep their current position.

Both Anna and Lucy take great delight in dressing similar.

Credits : annalucydecinque

In their minds, the twins think about how they used to have different hairstyles. They worry about being apart from each other.

In addition to looking the same, their lives are also very similar. Neither one of them eats or sleeps alone. They go even further by trying to do things like walk the same number of steps every day.

When the twins were originally touted as the world’s most identical twins on the Japanese TV program, they opted to retain it. That tagline is one of their all-time favorites!

They are clearly inseparable, as is clear from their expressions. And this helps to explain why they’ve been dating the same guy for so long.

Credits : annalucydecinque

Byrne isn’t the first man Anna and Lucy have been romantically involved with. Their dating experiences with other guys, however, proved to be unsuccessful. They indicated the guys would make an effort to distance them. Their desire to be identical was obscure to them, as was the reasoning for it.

After their past relationships ended in heartbreak, they decided to restart their romance with the same guy. Due to his twin status, Byrne has a unique perspective on their way of life.

It’s also a good thing that they have a shared connection, they say! Their lives are made simpler as a result of this, rather than made more complicated. Anna and Lucy have been dating Byrne for 10 years.

Their odd connection, on the other hand, took a weird turn.

Credits : annalucydecinque

It was at that point that the twins made the decision that they really want him to be the dad of both of their babies at the very same time!

An episode of “Extreme Sisters” on TLC showed the sisters’ simultaneous attempts to conceive. They even remarked that having none of them pregnant would be better than having one pregnant.

When Anna and Lucy were on the show, they took pregnancy tests. However, both tests returned negative results. It hasn’t been easy for the sisters to make their dreams come true yet. Achieving conception at the very same time is very difficult. It is ultimately decided only by the forces of the universe. But still, they keep trying to have babies at the same time.

Credits : annalucydecinque

Moreover, Anna and Lucy got engaged to Byrne in the middle of 2021, which was highlighted in the program. Australian law prohibits them from tying the knot there. Although this may be permitted in Malaysia, Indonesia, and even areas of the United States.

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