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The Woman Lost Her Memory Box During Childbirth.

The woman lost her memory during childbirth, and the husband wrote a book to remind them of their love story.

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Steve and Camre’s love affair began ten years ago. They were somewhat ideal lovers and had a good time together. When Camre was expecting a baby, they were more excited to welcome the new member into their family. However, things did not change the way they wanted. During the delivery, the Camre lost her memory box, and she could not remember anything that had happened before. She could not even recognize Steve. However, instead of losing faith, Steve decided to write a book for his wife to remember things. The book entitled “But I know I love you” “is full of their memories.

Sadly, there was no sign of the disease until the third trimester of Camre’s pregnancy. As early as 33 weeks of gestation, Camre’s throat began to swell, and he began to have difficulty breathing. Steve took her to the hospital, and Camre became seriously ill.

The woman lost her memory during childbirth, and the husband wrote a book to remind them of their love story.

After a successful Group C test by doctors, the baby Gavin weighed more than four pounds. Unfortunately, after the capture, the Camre had a catastrophic shock affecting both sides of her brain. And also, according to her occupational therapist Jessica Smith, her memory box has been completely erased. The Camre had to read the book, but unfortunately, she still does not remember any of those memories. In an interview with Good Morning America, Camre said:

Everything in the book is a memory box of what we experienced and what I missed. I enjoy reading it, but with everything now, it’s a mixed feeling. Maybe it’s hard for me because it shows me everything we experience, and I don’t have it inside me.”

The woman lost her memory during childbirth, and the husband wrote a book to remind them of their love story.

A therapist at the Galaxy Brain and Therapeutic Center in Arn Arbor, Michigan; Jessica Smith, told ABC News,

“She can’t remember the memories before the brain injury, and she can’t remember the short-term memories now. What happened to her is extremely rare.” Camre spent 30 days in the hospital after giving birth to her baby. Meanwhile, her baby was in NICA for 36 days due to premature birth. Later, she develops pre-eclampsia – a condition associated with pregnancy-related hypertension that reduces blood flow to the fetus. She went on to have eclampsia caused by illness. The 31-year-old mother was interrogated and medically in a coma.

Speaking about the incident, Steve said,

“When they put her out of a coma, and she woke up, something was wrong. She had no idea who she was or that she had just been born. She did not know who I was or who her parents were. I lived in the hospital. They want the baby to bond with the mother after birth. But the Camre could not bet on it, so I skinned him and fed him all.” One night, after recalling a conversation they had, Steve’s attention was redrawn, and he was determined to act. He remembered his wife saying, “I don’t know who he is, but I know I love you.”

He shares,

“It simply came to our notice then. That is the driving force behind everything. When I met Camre, she wanted me to be a better person, which I loved about her. Then this happened, and I will not give up hope that we can get back what we had. This girl has no idea who I am, but she loves me; we’re going to do this job.”

Happily, the Camre has made great strides. Constantly making fun of things, repeating role-playing conversations, and sharing a calendar on her phone with Steve, she remembers both husband and son. However, it is not always easy for them. Camre realized that she had lost her memory about two years after giving birth. This was an excruciating moment for her. She suffers from epilepsy and frequent illnesses and needs to take multiple medications.

According to her therapist, she is now regaining her confidence. When you first meet her and talk to her, she’s really funny and good at playing with it, and you may not know at first that she has this significant diagnosis. One thing she always tells me is that it can be challenging to remember your son’s first steps or the first time he said ‘mom’ because sometimes that’s what moms talk about.”

Camre said the same,

“This is what I get when my husband and son are with me. Every time I see Gavin and Steve, I have a big smile on my face and inside me. Family love is what makes the most sense and is what I get every day. No matter how difficult things may be and can be, you need to keep hope for yourself and move forward. I’m going to tell myself that everything is going well.”

The woman lost her memory during childbirth, and the husband wrote a book to remind them of their love story.

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