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The Woman Looked Like Shrek After Applying a Face Mask the Day Before a Job Interview

Just one day before her job interview, a woman was left pleading for help on TikTok after her attempt to relax with a face mask backfired, leaving her skin with a bright green color.

The Woman Looked Like Shrek After Applying a Face Mask the Day Before a Job Interview
What the green face mask did to her image credits: Mirror.co.uk

It doesn’t matter whether the interview is through a Zoom meeting or in person, the way you appear on your special day affects whether you get the job or not.

This woman was screaming for assistance after her failed attempt to unwind her face mask before her interview went horribly wrong.

Kota, a TikTok user, tested out a chlorophyll face mask, which is the latest cosmetic trend to become popular on TikTok.

The green substance from GCSE biology lesson, it helps nourish and feed the skin in in addition to its sun absorbing qualities.

What a face mask did to her
Perfect look for a job interview image credits: Mirror.co.uk

It is an antioxidant that protects cells from harm and can also aid to lessen inflammation. However, it is very green and is not recommended for use on the face without first combining it with a cream, since it might stain….as this TikTok user discovered.

In the caption, she asked: “I have a job interview with Bank of America tomorrow, and I’m not sure how I’m going to pull it off. Exfoliating didn’t help much, and I’m still green” with a “#help.”

The Woman Looked Like Shrek After Applying a Face Mask the Day Before a Job Interview
Oops image credits: Mirror.co.uk

The woman went on to say: “I simply watched a lot of TikTok videos on chlorophyll and how beneficial it is.”

“And I have skin problems, so I’m hoping that putting chlorophyll on it may help. I researched it up and it appears that all you have to do is massage it into your skin a little bit since it can turn your face green.”

“But when you massage it in, it will go away,” she said, touching her cheeks to demonstrate how it wasn’t fading. “I’m just having a terrible time rubbing it.”

The face of the woman turned into green after scrubbing which reminded the famous character “Shrek.”

The video reached almost 240,000 views.

Video credits: CNN News / Youtube

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