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The Weird Canary Island Beach With Popcorn Sand

There are beaches with odd appearances all throughout the world. They have also been witnesses to some of Mother Nature’s most incredible phenomena. Almost certainly, they’re something you’ve seen on television or in a magazine in the past. Sometimes, you might even have been to them. If you’re planning a journey to explore these strange beaches you may want to add a new stop to your travel plans. This strange strand of sand is located in the Canary Island town of Corralejo on Fuerteventura. There are a lot of influencers flocking to this magnificent Canary Island beach, where the sand looks exactly like popcorn.

Canary Island Beach may be found near the town of Corralejo, which is located on the northernmost tip of the island.  While looking at the beach from a distance, you could think that Popcorn Beach, also known as Popcorn Bay, is just another lovely beach on the Spanish island. When examined closely, though, you’ll discover what seems to be millions of popcorn pieces.

That sweet-salty combination you get from popcorn and black pepper, don’t you think?


image credits : jen.xhaflaire

The weird, uneven bits that seem to be popcorn are really shards of white coral that have washed up on the shore. Imagine what the shoreline looks like when the volcanic rocks and sand from the beach are blended together.


image credits : jen.xhaflaire

In spite of the fact that it has recently developed a cult following on Instagram, Popcorn Bay is still mostly unknown to the majority of the general population. Some individuals have gone so far as to snap photos of themselves eating them. But surely it’s not going to taste good.


image credits : villa_k_fuerteventura


image credits : fabinnio


image credits : dzivotdzivudzivi


image credits : majorero89


image credits : janinafranziska


image credits : janinafranziska
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