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The truth about your vaginas from a top doctor.

Have you ever wondered if your vagina is healthy? Dr. Heather Rupe, a Tennessee-based obstetrician-gynecologist, is on a mission to comfort women about their vaginas.

The doctor, who said she sees approximately “35 vaginas a day,” talked about the female organs with individuals concerned about their health.

She confessed in a post for WebMD that “they come in all forms and sizes.”

According to the specialist, “I can guarantee you that vaginas come in different forms and sizes as someone who sees approximately 35 each day.

The truth about your vaginas from a top doctor.
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“Life events such as childbirth, weight growth, sexual activity, gravity, and hormone changes can all have an impact, but is this a problem?

“Is it possible for a vagina to be excessively large? No, if a lady hasn’t had a really difficult vaginal birth or undergone any sort of vaginal surgery.”

The vagina, which is the canal between the womb and the entrance, is roughly four inches long and three inches wide, according to Dr. Heather.
“Vaginas are absolutely individual,” said Dr. Suzy Elneil, a specialist at University College Hospital in London.

“No two are same,” she said on the NHS website. Vaginas come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

“The colors range from light pink to a deep brownish red-pink, and some are tiny and egg-shaped, while others are big and cylindrical.”

“What matters is that the vaginal function is normal.”

The truth about your vaginas from a top doctor.
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Dr. Suzy also explained that the labia, which are the exterior lips of the vulva, occur in a variety of forms and sizes.

Women should never compare their genitals because they might get larger during intercourse and delivery.

“Most come back to normal fairly soon” following pregnancy, according to Dr. Heather.

In other words, regardless matter how much sex a woman has, it is a fallacy that the vagina can be “loose.”

It’s also worth mentioning that a woman’s appearance can naturally alter with age, particularly beyond the age of 45 due to menopause.

There are exercises that may be done to maintain the vagina “in shape,” such as pelvic floor muscles, which strengthen the muscles in the region.

According to the NHS, keeping these muscles firm will help you retain pee and even improve sex.

Stopping the flow of urine when using the toilet might help you feel your pelvic floor muscles.

Pregnant women are advised to begin these workouts as soon as possible after giving birth to prevent their muscles from becoming slack.

Dr. Heather also advised against using any vaginal tightening products.

The truth about your vaginas from a top doctor.
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“Do not employ over-the-counter vaginal ‘tightening sticks’ or ‘herbal treatments’ to try to tighten your vagina,” she said. These operate by irritating the vaginal area, producing edema.

“I’ve encountered individuals who need hospitalization due to severe vaginal burns caused by these items.”

Consult your gynecologist if your pelvic floor has been injured by delivery or if you have any concerns.

Let us know your opinions in the comments.

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