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Lottery Winner Leaves Gas Station with Pump Attached to the Car.

After winning a $1 million jackpot on a scratch-off lottery ticket, a Michigan man claims he drove away from the gas station with the pump hanging out of his tank.

The 59-year-old Genesee County resident told Michigan Lottery authorities that he purchased a Winning Millions ticket from a Speedway station in Fenton and scratched it in the car while filling in the gas station.

gas station
Image credits: Upi.com

The man said, “Since the the game came out, it has been my favorite winning game. I went for gas at Speedway and decided to buy a ticket while I was there. While gas being pumped, I began scratching the ticket.

“I started exclaiming, ‘Are you kidding me?!’ when I realized I’d matched the number 14 and then showed the $1 million figure beneath.”

The man said that he drove away with the excitement of winning the lottery which made him forget that the pump is still attached to his car.

So he has future plans to go on a vacation, buying a new property and a new car with his winnings.

“I’ve been playing the lotto since it started and finally won big,” he remarked. “Winning a million dollars can change your life.”

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