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The Story Behind The Two-Toed Ostrich Tribe In Zimbabwe

Too often, we fail to really appreciate the vastness and beauty of our planet. Perhaps in far-flung corners of the globe, you’ll find undiscovered tribes and groups of people, each with its own incredible history. This piece, which was brought to your attention today by Viraltrendzs, is going to talk about a tribe in Zimbabwe known as the Vadoma tribe. This tribe is one of the most distinctive in all of Zimbabwe. The name “Ostrich Tribe” is the one most often used to describe them.

It has been discovered that certain members of the Vadoma tribe of Zimbabwe have a rare genetic disorder. Each of its feet now has two toes, which are referred to as “ostrich claws” because of the unusual appearance this genetic anomaly gives to the feet. In spite of this, they don’t let the genetic disorder hold them back or limit their lives in any way. Instead, they see the chaos in their lives as a chance for growth and use it to become better people.

Because of their odd look, they’re called the ostrich tribe.

Because of their odd look, they're called the ostrich tribe.

The Kanyemba area is home to the Vadoma people, who sometimes go by the name Wadoma. They are an indigenous people group from northern Zimbabwe. The Ostrich people are Zimbabwe’s only other indigenous tribe who still rely heavily on a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Rather than gathering with the general population, they prefer to hide out in remote locations, such as the Zambezi river valley.

As a result of a hereditary disorder known as ectrodactyly, many members of the Vadoma tribe are unable to wear shoes. The two outside toes are twisted inward, while the other three toes are absent, making the foot seem like that of an ostrich. This group of individuals is known as the “two-toed” or “ostrich” people because of their unique appearance. This genetic disorder is caused by a single mutation on chromosome number seven.

The missing middle toes and turned-in outer toes resemble an ostrich’s foot.

The missing middle toes and turned-in outer toes resemble an ostrich's foot.
Image credit: Thfk

The tribespeople who were born with ostrich feet may still walk, although with some difficulty owing to their foot’s unusual shape. Their foot form makes running much more difficult for them. However, they are skilled tree climbers because of their condition.

Ostrich tribe elders have claimed that their ancestors may have looked like other bird species in the past. They believe they landed on Earth from another planet, mated with women on earth, and eventually gave birth to a new species.

Due to their unique feet, they were expert tree climbers.

Due to their unique feet, they were expert tree climbers.
Image source: The African Pages

In fact, not all members of the Vadoma tribe are affected by the disorder that causes them to have just two toes. Only one-quarter of people are born with the condition. Those who suffer from this condition are supposedly welcomed fully into society without any harassment.

They have a smaller gene pool because they are cut off from other groups. As a result, members of the ostrich tribe are significantly more likely to show signs of this genetic disorder than members of any other African tribe. Ostrich foot also doesn’t spread to neighboring communities since intermarriage is forbidden by tribal law.

They have feet that are very similar to those of actual ostriches.

They have feet that are very similar to those of actual ostriches.

Africa’s agricultural sector is the continent’s primary source of income and food. But since the Vadoma doesn’t farm, their territory is the sole non-farming region in all of Zimbabwe.

They live a sustainable life through activities such as hunting, fishing, and the capturing of wild animals, as well as the collection of roots, honey, and wild fruits. The people of this tribe live in huts constructed entirely of reeds and twigs.

Image credit: Thfk

The government of Zimbabwe has been working to integrate the ostrich tribe into the wider population. They tried to accomplish this by giving them access to schools as well as medical facilities so that they can improve both their mental and physical well-being.

The Ostrich tribe, however, don’t appear to be certain that integration would benefit them. Therefore, the administration hasn’t been able to change their minds so far.

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