Home Nature The sight of storm clouds approaching can be so frightening.

The sight of storm clouds approaching can be so frightening.

Have you ever heard of a “cloud tsunami”? Well, as scary as they sound. Thanks to mobile phones and their cameras, we have captured these fantastic and terrifying phenomena of nature. These tsunamis were formerly known as rack clouds. They are several kilometers long and extend across the entire sky. They are sure to make you look at them in amazement. These powerful buildings are beautiful and dangerous; They are usually accompanied by heavy rainfall, strong winds, flash floods, and heavy hail. Shelf clouds are formed by the sudden outflow of cold air from the cold outflow of thunderstorms. When the rain comes down vertically from the thunderstorm, it pulls the air out and spreads it horizontally and forms a front side, with the thundershowers suddenly bringing the air up.

image courtesy : theinfo

This photo was previously taken in 2015 in Australia.

 storm clouds
storm clouds

No wonder people are standing on the beach.

storm clouds

This is an exciting catch.

storm clouds

We left the most dangerous thing for the last time!

storm clouds

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