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The Reasons Why It’s Hard Dating a Lawyer.

Note that this article is not directed towards all the lawyers. But we find that lawyers are some what difficult people when it comes to relationships. Is it really difficult dating a lawyer? Some might find it difficult some might not, it depends on the nature of the person as well.

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A Lawyer has a high level of urgency in their work. It’s possible that they’ll become impulsive as a result of this. Because they’re always operating at 11, they can get impatient and also argumentative. Because you’re (lawyer) only trying to get to the point, it might also make someone a terrible listener.

Lawyers are the ones whom people come to solve their problems. Getting help from a lawyer isn’t an easy task. By definition, strong relationships are reciprocal. When you can’t demonstrate weakness or ask for help, a relationship might become quite one-dimensional.

We have some reasons to make you more understandable about the topic “lawyer.”

The grinding stress.

You can’t expect them to come home and watch Netflix together, share a bottle of wine, or long chats. They’ll be getting unexpected calls, consistent email checking, and angry moods in most of the time.

The Narcissism.

They might slap your hand away just for trying to get a bit of their snack from their plate. It shows their competitiveness, the hesitant to share and their ego. Is it what you want from a your partner?

lawyer with narcissism
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One of the most important fact is that they(lawyer) are more cleverer than you.

You can bet your partner will be an intellectual prodigy since law is such a tough field to break into. Prepare to be made to feel silly at every turn when it comes to watching the news together.

Imagine yourself arguing with a lawyer?

Imagine yourself arguing with a lawyer?
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Arguments between couples are very rare nowadays, it has become a stress releaser now. Arguing with a lawyer is very difficult, they easily shut you down with facts. Lawyers can easily collect more back evidence than you can ever imagine of having against them. Might come up with police evidence bags as well.

Language lessons are a must.

Imagine you go somewhere with your lawyer boyfriend and his work friends, you might think why you didn’t carry a dictionary with you. You’ll wonder what the hell is jurisprudence? You will have to smile and nod your head throughout the conversation about EU referendum. LPC, SRA, LLB, BPTC, SDT, LLM are some terms you’ll hear from their conversation.

Ruthless organisation.

In everything they do, lawyers tend to be robotically organized. You can say goodbye to any aspirations of spontaneous romantic trips because the calendar will be the focal point in your household.

You are always a lawyer’s second best.

Because lawyers put their work first! You’ll always be the best second person of their life, no matter how long you’ve been together.

You are always a lawyer's second best.
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Long hours of work.

It’s like having an imaginary companion when you have a lawyer boyfriend or girlfriend. Lawyers are busy people because they work long hours, so you’d better get used to eating ready made meals for one.

Long working hours
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